Proposal on Wireless Technologies

There are various wireless technologies that are beneficial to the Party Plates Organization. The wireless network devices are important because of their extensive application.

These devices can be integrated into the various departments to improve the daily organizational activities. Some of the applications of wireless technology include wireless energy transfer, mobile telephones, computer interface devices, security systems, and wireless data communications.

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The devices proposed in this paper major on the security systems and the wireless data communications. In a bid to improve technology in the building, it is important to implement the wireless security devices. The organization should also integrate the computing devices to easily access the internet. This can be achieved through the installation of Wi-Fi in the organization (Caputo, 2010).

Security will be enhanced in the organization if it implements wireless technology. The current security system is made up of cameras that are linked to the other components through long cables. Implementing the wireless security system will do away with these cables while increasing the level of efficiency. Wireless security cameras are easy to install and convenient.

The process of data transfer between these security cameras and other components of the security system is fast. This is important in the overall efficiency of the security system (Caputo, 2010). The system will be able to get accurate footage faster. Security personnel will also enjoy improved communications as the new system will be able to relay information through the different links quickly. The wireless security cameras also come with a user friendly manual.

Unlike the old fashion cable cameras, the advanced wireless security systems are easy to use and contain a lot of options. The disadvantages of these cameras are mainly manifested in the price and durability. The cameras are expensive to obtain and they do not last long. The cameras are also easy to hack into since the level of their security system is low. Wireless security cameras have a high cost of maintenance (Mueller, 2005).

In the event the company should install Wi-Fi, there are a number of advantages it will enjoy. Wi-Fi will do away with the multiple cables that connect the different computers in the organization. Individual deployers also enjoy the unlicensed radio spectrum which usually requires no regulatory approval.

This installation will also improve connects by reducing costs and creating room for expansion. Wi-Fi is also important with regards to roaming. Through the installation of Wi-Fi, people with portable computer devices will be able to access the network anywhere within the organization’s premises. People will be able to move from a given access point to another and continue working. The price of Wi-Fi is considerably low with regards to installation and maintenance (Mueller, 2005).

The operation limitations of Wi-Fi and the spectrum assignments are not consistent all over the world. The power consumption of the devices that come with Wi-Fi installations is fairly high. Performance may be affected by Wi-Fi due to the crowding caused by the different devices connected to the system. It is very easy to hack into a Wi-Fi system. This reduces the security of the system and places the entire organization at risk of unauthorized access of information.

In conclusion, the benefits of implementing the security system outweigh the disadvantages. In the contemporary world, such new technologies should be incorporated in organizations to cut down on the expenses incurred by hiring many security guards.


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