Quality should ensure that his hoses are to


and Customer Relationship Management

by: Jabulisa Mazibuko
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code: BBA 3 – QCRM
pages: 12-15 pages

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Table of Contents
References. 4


Figure 1: A process for handling conflict at Dormont
Manufacturing CO. 6


Table 1: The implementation of Deming’s fourteen
principles at Dormont Manufacturing Co. 4

Table 2: The ISO 9000
quailty managememt principles and their benefits for Dormont Manufacturing Co. 5

Table 3: The principles of
customer relationship management and the application of these principles at
Dormont Manufacturing Co. 6


Question 1


1.1 Table 1: The implementation of Deming’s fourteen principles at
Dormont Manufacturing Co.


Deming’s fourteen

at Dormont Manufacturing Co.

Continual improvement of product and service

Evan should ensure that his hoses are to use on gas appliances and
are checked and maintained regularly.

Adopt the new philosophy for economic

The British Standards Institute and committee, spell out details of
each country’s acceptable gas hose design – such as the colour of plastic
coating or how the pieces should be attached to the rest of the hose. Evans
hoses should meet the requirement of these standards so that his hoses are
approved, enabling him to sell them throughout the region.

Stop dependence on inspection to achieve

The gas hoses should operate safely on gas appliances and the specifications should conform
to acceptable gas hose design at the planning or
designing stage of the quality control of the processes.

End the practice of awarding business on the
basis of price alone and minimise total costs by working with a single

The business should align its goals and objectives with continuous
quality improvement, customer needs and customer satisfaction.

Improve constantly and forever every process
for planning, production and service

Dormont Manufacturing Co. should never be satisfied with only meeting the
current standards or specifications, the business team should improve quality
and productivity constantly and institute a programme of total quality
control for products, processes and services.

Institute training on the job

Middle managers should implement steps to certify that employees
receive the training necessary to understand their job.

Institute modern methods of supervision and

Training and teamwork are necessary to guide transformational
leadership in an organisation. Supervisors should improving communication in the workplace, and
provide coaching for teamwork activities for employees.

Eliminate fear

Fear of management can be reduced if managers practice effective
communication and employee empowerment so that all employees share
information, rewards and power to make decisions and initiatives.

Break down barriers between departments and

A barrier-free atmosphere can be used to reduce
employee stress levels and improve communication practices.

Eliminate slogans, exhortations and targets
for the workforce

Managers should create a supportive environment where employees
overcome challenges with a supportive attitude and not in a competitive
effort to get ahead of other employees or even their own mangers.  Practices include brainstorming, suggestion
boxes, and walking and talking.

Eliminate numerical quotas for the workforce
and numerical goals for

Institutions should focus on quality not
quantity. A method of improving quality in an organisation is to implement
teamwork and reduce the goals/objectives where employees are forced to work
by themselves and stir completion for numbers. Teamwork can have numerous
benefits such as, sharing information, and cultivating team unity to confront
problems resourcefulness and co-cooperativeness.

Remove barriers that prevent people from
workmanship and eliminate the annual
rating and merit system

Merit systems reward results but not process improvement. The best
way to develop co-operation is by concentrating on the nature of work
environment, rather than on monetary rewards.

institute a vigorous programme of education
and self-improvement for everyone

Managers should encourage employees to take part
in teamwork activities, engage in continual self-improvement activities and
continually enhancing job skills through education and training.

Put everybody in the organisation to work to
accomplish the transformation

Transformation can be achieved if there are goals that the employees
and managers work towards such as alignment, shared leadership, trust or
respect and confrontation of problems as a team.


Question 2


Table 2: The ISO 9000 quailty
managememt principles and their benefits for Dormont Manufacturing Co.


First key benefit

Second key benefit

Customer focus

Increased customer satisfaction through researching and understanding
customer needs and expectations.

Measuring customer satisfaction and acting on the results to improve
customer loyalty leading to repeat business.


Establishing trust and eliminating fear of management by reducing
miscommunication between levels of an organisation.

Inspiring, encouraging and recognising people’s contributions so that
they will be motivated towards the organisation’s goals and objectives.

Involvement of people

People will use their knowledge, skills and creativity to find
innovative ways to solve problems.

People accept ownership of problems, therefore they are able to identify
constraints to their performance and evaluate their performance against their
personal goals and objectives.

Process approach

Effective use of resources.

Analysing and measuring of the capability of key activities.

System approach to

Understanding the interdependencies between processes of the system
and focus efforts on key processes.

Integration and alignment of processes that will best achieve the
organisation’s objectives in an efficient and effective way.

Continual improvement

Continual improvement of the organisation’s performance.

Continual improvement of products, processes and systems.










3: The
principles of customer relationship management and the application of these
principles at Dormont Manufacturing Co.



Application of
these principles at Dormont Manufacturing Co.

Top management must be
involved from day one

Top management must be involved in every stage of CRM. Dormont Manufacturing
Co’s vision and motivation should be to make the best hoses that hook up
deep-fat fryers and the like to gas outlets in Europe.

Restructure employee

Dormont Manufacturing Co should adjust their compensation structure
if a change in
organisational priorities occurs, such as a shift to a more customer-centric

Manage cultural change and
people issues

Management should listen to employees and take note of their comments
and issues.

Concentrate on the customer
life-cycle value

Maintain positive customer relationships.

Push the project if you are serious. And keep pushing.

Clear unpredictable obstacles and encourage employees to focus on the
solution and move forward.

Provide training and support.
Prepare for continuous improvement.

All new employees will need training for CRM so that they will
realise the importance of CRM in the organisation and understand that CRM is
a continuing process.


Figure 1: A process for handling conflict at Dormont
Manufacturing CO.



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