Recommendations for Improving KFS’s Advertising

Breast cancer is a disaster for women of the 21st century. People know about the problem, but most of them do think that it may become the part of their life. More and more women face this problem. Real disaster comes when the financial side as the treatment is really costly.

KFS has tried to help those who have appeared in the difficult situation and has provided an advertising campaign directed at encouraging people for buy their chicken products, but the critics have got everything wrong. KFS’s advertising campaign requires changes as the present concept is wrong and confuses people; a new direction should be about financial problems people face, not about the attitude to life and opinion.

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Current ad campaign has a number of problems, the donation idea, the ethical aspect and the presentation of the problem. Having stated that money has already been transferred, KFS continues to use this idea in ads.

The connection of obesity and breast cancer is considered as a hypothesis, so the current advertising campaign refers to the wrong ethical aspect (Watson 101). The problem has not been presented absolutely on the video. Thus, the changes must be implemented in the advertising campaign with the more relation to the donation and changing of the ethical aspect.

The main techniques of the ad are going to be slightly changed. The stress is that only after one has bought a bucket, money is transferred. The new advertising campaign should refer to the same techniques, ideal people and sponsorships, but the main idea of using them should be changed. Ideal people technique should be used as the help directed at ending breast cancer when people buy a new bucket, not just when they just pay for food. Sponsorship technique should remain the same, aimed at helping to end a breast cancer.

The target audience remains the same. We are going to impact women aged 35 and older. The main reason for this decision is that they are in danger of breast cancer. Younger women are aware of the problem and may want to donate. Nevertheless, they do not want to think about it seriously hoping that the problem will not touch them.

I do not plan to change the placement of the advertising campaign. A new ad is going to be placed on TV channels. To speak specifically, the main stress is going to be put on MTV, ABC, KGET, A&E, and FOX. The choice of TV channels is connected with the audience as it is largest there. Furthermore, TV ads help impact human feelings and emotions, which is important in advertising about donation for cancer treatment.

The main concept of the ad should be changes. If previous ad was directed at showing how people relate to each other, a new ad will show that people all over the world want and try to help save loves of those who need it. A new ad will show the problems in numbers, those who have a problem (who have just faced the diagnosis and are in despair) and those who have managed to overcome the disease (those who managed to recover thanks to donations from different organizations).

The slogan will be changed. It is important to state that those who buy one bucket of chicken donate directly to the organization (the changes in money transfer organization should be provided as well). People should be reminded about the problems which may cause cancer and do not abuse eating harmful food.

Previously, the ad showed that people could trust the product because the company tried to help people. A new ad campaign will point to the same idea, but from different angle. Those who have managed to recover from cancer will say that donation helps. KFS’s help must be mentioned. It is important to use a representative of a medical organization as a spokesperson. He/she should state that donation is one of the sources that help people recover.

The old ad does not contain any logos. However, a new one must cover some. Statistical information about the number of cases of breast cancer must be offered. The information about the fatal outcomes must be stated. It is important to underline the necessary financial support and the one medical institutions and government are ready to cover. The sum of donated money must be stated. This change will help a new ad campaign become aimed and specifically directed at cancer breast problems.

The pathos will be changed. A new ad will make people feel pain and helplessness when breast cancer diagnosis is stated. At the same time, people will feel that the help provided by simple people, different organizations, etc. is really valuable and highly appreciated. People will feel that they can help. Watching an ad, people will also understand that a small help from one person means a huge help from many people.

In conclusion, a new advertising campaign is going to be more specific and aimed at breast cancer and the help people offer. A new campaign is going to be not just about the relation to people but about the relation to the problem of breast cancer. It will show that buying one bucket of chicken, people can contribute to feeling safety and protection.

This campaign will evoke the feeling of desire to help as the problem is widely spread every one may face it. Having united the attempts, people can battle the disease and help many women recover.

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