Rising power, anxious state

There are all indications to show that China is poised to become the world’s largest economy in the next few years. All this withstanding, the country is under threat to continue with this economic success because of various reasons.

Resistance to reforms and the recent resurgence are some of the reasons that are bringing up an anxious state. Emotions are running high in the country on the perceived authoritarianism that has been gaining prominence as time goes by (The Economist 5).

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This was well captured by the prime minster who argued that socialism enhances decision making thereby making it possible for resources to accomplish big undertakings that touch on every citizen’s life. As much as the global power is shifting considerably in China’s favor, it has not done well at home as far as the mood of the minorities is concerned. The country has become an object of worry because of various reasons and these are aspects that need to be looked at.

Chinese diplomats have been treating their counterparts with a lot of condescension and this is because of the perceived dominance of the communist party. The party should approve everything and these are some of the issues that have led to an anxious state though a rising power. The country’s leaders are always nervous and this can be explained from their increased spending on domestic security (The Economist 6).

It should be known that the police have been launching assaults while increasing surveillance in neighborhoods in recent months. China risks entering into a middle income trap because of its population and this might bring problems because supply of labor in the countryside has been reducing as time goes by. State owned businesses have a lot of clout and this is worrying because of their political and economic influence.

China is a rising power and this is undeniable based on its economic success and growth. As much as this is enviable, the country needs to open up to political and social reforms. There is no doubt that its model has been effective based on what the prime minter terms as effective decision making but people should be given space to express themselves. The government has been increasing its spending on domestic security and this confirms their fears.

In this case, the middle income group is anxious of this issues and that is why the party is worried that things might go wrong based on uprisings that have been witnessed in the Arab world (The Economist 9). For instance, lawyers, activists and bloggers have been assaulted by the police to discourage any dissent. As much as these leaders might manage to silence the minority, the system is ultimately vulnerable.

The country has disappointed those people who thought that its economic success and prowess will also come with political reforms and enhanced democratic space.

Greater political freedom should be encouraged in the country to give it a new sense of direction and relief as much as it is successful economically. There is no doubt that the country’s economic success will be threatened by resurgence that needs to be checked. Political leaders should not be resistant to reforms because the middle class will not be held back for ever (The Economist 7).

Peace and prosperity in China will depend on political reforms that will be undertaken in the next coming years. As a matter of fact, the good relationship between the middle class and the ruling party has waned considerably thereby raising concerns. As far as social security is concerned, the country still has a long way to go.

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