Rival Ad-Tech Firms to Become One

Key Points

Achieving Strategic, Sustainable Competitive Advantage In The Global Marketplace

The two companied had come to a realization that their individual efforts were not very fruitful since they could not be able to fully meet the expectations due to their low capacity and the competition faced from other companies. However, through their merging, they created a company that had the capacity to meet the market demands, create new and advanced ad technology and be able to increase their business globally hence attaining a strategized and sustainable c competitive advantage against their competitors.

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Thinking Globally, Act Locally – Globalization & The Global Markets

The newly formed company, MediaOcean, would be a company geared towards overcoming global competition against other great ad companies especially Google and other small but strong companies.

Hence, the owners of the two companies had thought about how to improve their business in the global market but started by taking some steps in the local setup through merging their companies into a large one that could overcome the challenges and pressure of the global market. Hence, they acted locally but were aiming at penetrating the global market.

Creativity, Innovation & Dynamic Change

The newly formed company could be able to achieve a higher level of business through creation of more advanced ad technologies and increased scales hence meeting the expectations of the market and so increasing their competitiveness through increased creativity and innovation. The two companied had hence taken a step of fulfilling a dynamic change through their merge so as to thrive well in the global market.


The two companies, Donovan Data Systems Inc. (DDC) and MediaBank LCC had their own differences in the operation of the ad business and were basically great competitors for many years.

What they had not realized over the years was that while they were busy trying to overcome to each other, they were allowing room for establishment and development of even greater and more competitive companies with a greater capacity like Google.

While DDC did not have the capacity to produce advanced technology ads and hence held onto traditional ways of advertisements, MediaBank lacked scale in its sales and hence did not succeed well in the business.

The merging together of the two companies was an initiation of a new era of business since the new company was very great and full of capacity. It could be able to create advanced technology products and offer them to the customers at the global platform and in a large capacity.

It could also be able to compete more enthusiastically with the giants of the ad business like the Google and the other smaller companies. Through its increased scales and an increased customer base due to the merge, the new company could hence be able to comfortably operate as a global company and to attract many customers from all over the world. Better still, the company could finally be able to start utilizing online means of purchasing ad space through use of advanced technology in its operations.


Through the merging of the two rival ad companies to form the giant MediaOcean company, a great capacity was instilled into the new company in such a manner that it could be able to gain a universal recognition and hence could easily operate in the global market. The company could now enjoy more capital base and hence be able to overcome any external pressure, competition as well as being able to advance technology as it cropped up.

The new company hence contained a higher level of competitive advantage against its competitors and was hence able to acquire more sales and returns due to its global base as well as its merged customer base. This is a strategy that could not only ensure the company’s survival in the market but also its sustainability in the ad business.


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