Role of Women in South Asia Politics

Women have participated to a great extent in policy-making and politics in many South Asian countries. However, I still believe women’s involvement in South Asian countries’ politics has been an all time low especially in the light of male dominance coupled with damaging stereotypes that women are not equal to men. In many countries of South Asia, fervent efforts have been made to boost women’s political participation, yet the percentage of women in the higher spheres of the political power structure has not changed for the better.

Nevertheless, I understand that women have been discouraged by various factors from engaging in active politics in South Asia. The main reasons are due to the amount of violence, corruption, and manipulations coupled with authoritarian political system, which continue to remain as barriers even in contemporary times (Fleschenberg, 56). Nevertheless, despite the many challenges, women have played significant roles in South Asian politics as exposited in this paper.

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The following data clearly indicates the situation of women in higher level of Power structure in South Asia region as researched by Ghimire (74):

Sri lanka4.4%


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