Saatchi Gallery: My Perception of Art

Every member of the global community should learn about history and arts to be able to reflect the vision of the contemporary world. I have decided to visit an art gallery to enrich my experience and knowledge about contemporary arts and other interesting items that can be encountered in such a place. The Saatchi Gallery was the first place that came to my mind when I thought about necessity of spiritual enrichment.

A Visit To The Art Gallery

Overall impression. The overall impression of visiting this gallery can be compared to the first pictures (images) perceived by a little baby when he/she can see something but does not know what it means or did that. The first thing I saw was the entrance that did not presuppose any of the items I saw inside. There were walls painted with light pink; pictures hung on the walls.

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The pictures varied in terms of topics and genres; glass walls that were used in the construction helped to keep in the outer world because there were a lot of different pictures and other items that can bring one to another world. Though some items were really interesting, their meaning is still unclear and ambiguous for me.

Themes and pieces. Every room or, to be more exact, a hall was dedicated to a specific theme or genre. However, I did not manage to find similarities in most pieces of art presented in the Saatchi Gallery. Some rooms were full of garbage that appeared to be full of artistic expression whereas other rooms were cramped with plates, vases, and other items decorated with original ornaments. Though some pictures were brighter than others, they were created to convey an absurd meaning.

On the contrary, pictures with darker colour use seemed to be more appealing than those aimed at attracting attention of the audience. The Saatchi Gallery contains pieces of art that present the history of arts during the last twenty-five years being one of the most valuable collections of items on various themes and genres.

“Pink Cher” by Scott King. There was one piece, a painting that attracted my attention and made me learn more about it. This was the picture called “Pink Cher” created by Scott King. The first aspect that grabbed my attention was the bright scarlet colour of it. The second thing was the format as I remembered to have seen something similar before. Moreover, I came closer and saw the portrait of Cher, a singer.

This was an unexpected decision as I knew that Che Guevera was depicted in this manner. So, the image of this rebellion leader was applied to a woman. I do not know the reasons for making Cher look like a rebellion leader; either do I know the reasons for the colour choice because scarlet is obviously too powerful and attention-grabbing; this colour should be used to provoke thoughts and encourage people for some actions while the image of Cher does not seem to be provoking.


The visit to the Saatchi Gallery made me learn more about contemporary arts and different applications and forms that contribute to the overall impression created with the help of certain colours, shapes, textures, light and shadow use. Each piece of art can be considered unique due to the space given to every item. Though the meaning of some pieces seems to be ambiguous, I saw a lot of beautiful attention-grabbing pieces.


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