Scholars elements that are part of a city.

Scholars in the field of History and
Archaeology agree that the birth of cities is associated with a huge complex
network of social, economic and cultural processes that forms settlements of
high population concentration, with a high density of houses and structures,
around a nucleus with a population formed by people of diverse ethnic origins
with a sense of belonging (they are, citizens) and in political and
administrative terms, governed by laws, politics and visions that guide these
structures to growth and develop in different ways depending on the policies
adopted and the means used.


Therefore, for the organization and
development of a city, there are several policies and theories that can be
applied. Among them, the concept of Smart Cities is one that has gather more
strength among others in these days, thanks to ICT technologies, proposing a
new and innovative model that develops a series of elements that are part of a
city. It’s a concept that invites to transform the infrastructure and, in the
same time, to adapt for different opportunities, since the process helps to
diminish issues associated with the growth of population, transportation for
its habitants, security measures, quality of life and sustainability among
others matters.

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