Scientific solving problems with their masterminds but what

Scientific knowledge is driving the necessity. The Innovator
is habituated to have eerie skill in solving problems with their masterminds
but what separates engineer from mere innovator is the ability to recognize the
importance of “viable technological quick fix”. Although our needs and
difficult situations are points at issue. The main theme involves fixing
obstacle with time. My abilities to function in these situations makes me stand

Ever since my school days, I draw my inspiration towards this field from
my paternal cousin brother who is a mechanical engineer. He serves as a chief
engineer in a government organization. During my childhood he used to take me
to his office, he introduced me to a different type of machine tools and
typical machines. These situations induced enthusiasm to know what happened
inside the machines. The amazing task of today’s world is oligopoly of machines.
So; I choose mechanical engineering as my choice.

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                             I received magna
cum laude grades in 10th and 12th classes. At some point
in time engineering seemed to be a natural forecast of my abilities and
interests. When entered in the second year I was taught subjects like
thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines, the strength of
materials and manufacturing processes, which are the gateway to all real-world
happenings. During my undergraduate study along with regular mechanical
engineering course, I had done a specialization in flexible manufacturing. In
my second year I have undergone an internship at government organization Bharat
heavy electrical limited (BHEL) .i gained knowledge related to manufacturing of
power generation equipment such as gas and steam turbines, boilers and heat
exchangers. In the final year, I with a team undergone to perform a project
report on “Multi parameters optimization of EDM using grey entropy method” we
conducted the experiment on PH 17-4 stainless steel workpiece. We moved from
single optimization technique by Taguchi to multi optimization technique by
Grey entropy for taking optimum results for the performance characteristics. We
considered three input parameters such as Material Removal Rate (MRR), Tool
Wear Rate (TWR) and Surface Roughness (SR). The optimum machining performance
characteristics are obtained on a PH-17 workpiece. This project report was
later accepted as a journal in International journal for mechanical engineering
and technology (IJMET)  


           In addition
to the increasing role of computers in every field. I gained knowledge in
mechanical courses like AutoCAD, solid works, basics of Ansys, Pro-E and ADAMS
software. I am largely self-regulated and capable of the independent work
environment. I like to mention my achievements during my four-year
undergraduate course. First, with good academic background acted as a team
leader for many subject related projects during my course and participated in
events at the college level, with oratorical power successfully organized the
cultural, technical and recreational events.

      At this stage of
my career when knowledge linked with opportunities arising due to industrialization
have fortified my goals and wanted to pursue my master’s course in mechanical
engineering at Chalmers University, Sweden. Through browsing, I found that
Sweden leads in human resources such as educated workforce and quality academic
research and highly impressed with the opportunities they provide for education
in Sweden.

      It would be a
great opportunity if I was given an assistantship in addition to ease the
financial burden on me. It prepares me for a career in research and teaching. I
look forward to a career in research work which might be hard and demanding at
times. I am confident that my dedication towards the work will be a meaningful
contribution to the on-going research developments

         I believe that
graduate study in particular field nourishes the seeds of learning sown during
the undergraduate study. I had a keen interest in manufacturing related
subjects like flexible manufacturing systems, cellular manufacturing, Computer-aided
manufacturing and advanced manufacturing process which enabled me to do a
specialization in flexible manufacturing. I thought it would be a better option
to do masters in Production engineering at Chalmers University. I choose this
particular university after undergoing through the programme overview on the
university website.

On the lookout as this course requires a high level of
intelligence, sincerity and great sacrifices. I believe that I have the
capability to devote to the master’s program in Production engineering at
Chalmers University. With hope, I eagerly wait for a generous act of accepting
me into your fold and granting me an admission in my desired course.


 Desina SaiSrikar









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