Since fair wages. It is the same, old

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, starting in the USA, the world has been evolving into more of a machine, consistently producing, and these enormous efforts have taken their toll on our planet. Scientists around the world have come to a concurrence that the planet is warming, resulting in extreme weather phenomena, ice at both the north and south poles melting, and animal species being wiped out because of habitat destruction, flooding, and other environmental changes. The planet is getting warmer because of the industrial machine burning our natural resources at an alarming rate. It is imperative that we look to fix what is in our backyards, take a stand against enormous companies that lobby against renewable energy, and make the switch, because scientists predict that in the next 100 years, this planet may not even be habitable. Dangers of Fossil FuelsCoal is mined from the ground by people with barely a means to survive and not a very long-life expectancy. Most coal miners, if they work the mines for a good part of their life, are subject to many kinds of cancers, especially of the lungs. Ever heard the term “black lung?” Coal miners created it when they realized that they were dying at a very young age from lung problems. Nowadays, coal is mostly mined from third world countries that do not have any labor laws, fair treatment, or fair wages. It is the same, old story that it has always been, and that is the laborers who break their backs mining that coal for nothing and eventually die from it do it just to make a few people rich. Oil and natural gas are fuel sources that are found underneath the ground, sometimes hundreds, if not thousands of feet below the surface, and it takes some serious machinery to extract it. Oil rigs can be found all over the world, one of the most prominent places the rest of the world receives oil from is the middle east, where a lot of oil funds go to extremist groups or dictators who kill their own people. These rigs drill down into the ground into an oil pocket, taking up the resource that took millions of years for the Earth to make, and in just a matter of days, it is turned into gasoline and burned in your car, releasing the toxic vapors that are harming the ozone layer, and that leads to the rise in temperature. Fracking is another way that companies get to the black gold under the surface. This is where they use high pressure Freshwater to open cracks in the Earth, so they can get to the oil and natural gas. This is an enormous problem, because fracking has been proven to cause earthquakes, well, to be more specific, the wastewater does. Oil and water separate, so they extract the Freshwater they pumped in at a high pressure and oil, in the billions of gallons every year, and the fresh water they extract is now toxic, so then they force the “wastewater” into the ground where it does not belong some miles away from the drill site, causing fissures to become unstable. These actions have caused places like Oklahoma to go from having two earthquakes a year to having over 1000 a year. Insurance companies have hiked their prices sky-high because of all the damage to the hundreds of thousands of homes in the entire state. Some people simply can’t afford it, leaving them to watch their home slowly crumble, while trying to fix what they can. Still, the governing body refuses to acknowledge the facts and science behind the earthquakes, citing that “the economy and jobs are more important.” What Other Energy Could We Use?Solar energy can give the entire planet as much energy to power everything and more. Solar paneling has evolved into ones that can really harness the power of light and give everyone electricity for their homes, fuel for their vehicles, power their company buildings, etc. Every industry can rely on solar energy to fuel their lives. Yet, the politics of it still seem muddied and confusing because oil and gas executives are pushing false narratives concerning clean energy. Do not be fooled, clean energy is the future, no matter what they do now.Wind and water energy have been around for hundreds of years. Just one river can generate enough energy to power an entire city. Windmill farms have been popping up all over the USA, because people are realizing the easy energy produced by them is enormous. While the size of the turbine varies, just one windmill can produce enough energy to power 1,500 homes, on average. What About All the Jobs?Everyone that works for oil and gas can retrain and come over to clean energy. Renewable energy jobs are increasing every year, so now is the time to get on board, if you have not already. Scientists and inventors are coming up with new ways to harness energy in a renewable manner without any impact on our environment every year. This creates more jobs than the oil and gas industry can provide anyways. There is a lot of work to do, we all need people to fill those roles, even politicians who will fight for clean energy legislature. Regardless of what anyone says, in 100 years, we will be dependent on renewable energy. The oil and gas industry have been doing nothing but hurting people and the planet for many years, and instead of slowly switching their companies to clean energy, they pay off politicians, lobby, and lie to keep us in the age of coal, oil, and gas. We have the technology to become free of fossil fuels, people are finally realizing it, and now we are slowly making the switch. Those huge oil and gas companies can either get on board, or they can get left behind, either way, their employees will do the smart thing and retrain into clean energy jobs soon enough.