Social few all because the internet allows it.

Social Media is everything you can get so much so fast in an instant its one click away. You want to see what new? Do you wonder what the East is arguing about lately? Or what’s trending in Italy? Hummm it’s not much to know i mean yes a few clicks here and there but you’ll be hit by so much in just a few all because the internet allows it. Social Media allows you to connect with other loved ones friends and so much more. Social Media has its ups and downs there’s billions of people in the world who can post and publish websites comments, many things as to that some may be fake non-credible yet most don’t realize it and believe it.Native Advertising it’s a great way to get big in other terms known you expand and be seen by lots of people. Native advertisements may comes in a few different ways one can be ads. Ads you cross by when you scroll through certain websites a few of social websites some may be videos as Youtube you get advertisements that may be about what you searched to watch other way be way off yet trying to seem like its just right there. Ads are hidden in many ways you can see them in news feed may be talking about the latest news at one point then change out of the blue and talk about the top 10 unhealthy foods that should be eaten others may be talking about the newest to hit shows it all depends what you see.The Bystander Effect one of the topics that I really liked one because it’s true the videos that were shown in class say nothing but the true and it’s always been like that people just seem to be followers in some cases and can’t be leaders to take a move that’s wrong. Bystander effect is when a person sees a bad event going on in which he or she can help to solve it but chooses not to unless he or she sees someone else take action towards the problem. People do what they want some just don’t take the right choice. I learned lots on the bystander effect it’s something that’s good to know of so you wouldn’t be a victim of it anymore now you may have a chance to take action and not do it after another person does it before you “be a leader not a follower”.


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