Solar converted into electricity and stored in the

Solar powered
generators have been embraced highly due to its efficiency, effectiveness, and
the benefits that it has over the fuel generators. These kind of generators use
solar panels and batteries whereby the solar panel is used to harness sunlight
that is then converted into electricity and stored in the batteries. Actually,
there are so many benefits that solar powered generators have as compared to
other types of generators. In this case, the solar powered generators are
durable since there is no wear and tear that is caused by the moving parts,
they also do not pollute the environment since there are no exhaust emissions,
and finally, the generators are easy to manage. Though there are different
types available on the market, you need to be aware of the different brands and
the top products so that you can make an informed choice.

Types of solar powered generators

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There are
different types of solar powered generators that you can find on the market. Different
companies have designed the generators and each type is meant to serve a
particular purpose. In this case, before you can make your buying decision, you
should be knowledgeable on the different types that are available. In this
case, some of the known types include the following:

1.      Portable
solar generators. The portable generators come in great compact design that
allows for easy transportation from one place to another. In this case, if you
need a travel generator, then you should choose the one of this type. The
portable solar generators are compact and small unlike the stationary
generators that are bulky and heavy.

2.      Car
compatible solar generator. Perhaps you are also looking for this type of a
generator that has the capability of being charged by the sun and by the car.
If this is your case, this type is the best suitable for your choice. The
generator can be charged by both car and sun and thus is a great choice for

3.      Miniature
charging sets. Are you looking for a solar powered generator that you can use
to charge you phone and other devices? If so, then you have just landed on the
right type. In this case, the solar generator have been designed to suit the
purpose and therefore, it is a great type for charging.

Top solar powered generator brands

1.      Goal
Zero. The Goal Zero solar generators are the very popular on the market. Robert
Workman started this company with the aim of assisting the people to live a
better lifestyle and get out of poverty. Under this category, you will find
different types that include the portable power units, lighting, accessories,
and solar panels among other products.

2.      RavPower.
The RavPower is also another renowned company that produces the best products.
Among the products that are produced by this company, include the AC adapters,
laptop batteries, power banks, cell phone batteries and solar generators among
other great products. Therefore, if you need the best-powered generator or the
best portable solar panel for your home, you can consider the products from
this reputable company.

3.      Renogy.
Renogy is also the best dealer that supplies great products for homes. Some of
the products that are supplied by this company include the solar panels, and
batteries among other related products. In this case, if you need solar panels
for your home, for business, or for recreational vehicles, then this is the
company to choose. Indeed, its products are durable and are of high quality.

4.      Expandable
solar powered generators. With this type, you can decide on the amount of power
that you want depending on the need and purpose. That means, you can add on the
number of the solar panels whenever you may want to increase the power output and
to reduce the charging time.

Top 10 best solar powered generators

When it comes to
choosing the best, it is always the best practice to look at what consumers say
about a product. In this case, you should analyse the market, consumer reviews
and the total ratings regarding the products. Here, the following are the top
10 best solar powered generators that come from different brands. It includes:

Zero Yeti 1250

Product link:

This powerful
generator is available on the market and features great design. Though the
generator is a bit large when compared with the others, it is very well suited
for its purpose. This awesome solar generator comes with 30 solar panels and 2
boulder. That means it is very powerful for heavy-duty functions. The benefit
that you get by owning this type is that, you can power your home without the
need for other sources of electricity. In addition, the battery is strong
enough and can charge fully in just 24 hours. Another important feature to note
is that, this generator is expandable and can use more solar panels to recharge

Plug N Play Generator

Product link:

The Plug N Play
solar generators have been designed to suit different functions and tasks. The
generator comes with a 25 feet wire that makes it easy for the user to utilize
the power of the generator even when the solar panels are far off from it. That
means you should not have to waste your time waiting for the battery to get
charged. Instead, you utilize the power as the battery charge to full capacity.
Another imperative feature that come with this solar power generator is the 30
watt of polycrystalline panel. With this, you can simply plug it directly to
the charge box. In addition, it is important also to note that, this type of
generator is very portable.

Zero 23000 Yeti

Product link:

This is also
another Goal Zero brand that has been designed in a great and unique style to
suit its purpose. The generator is made compact hence; it is very easy to carry
it along from one place to another. With this, you can be in a position to
power almost every device in your house that include the mobile devices,
televisions, lights, and other small machines. The generator features one 12V
outlet, USB port, and an in-built inverter worth 300-watt capacity. Another
feature of this generator is that, it comes with the capacity to utilize the
sun for charging but also can be charged externally by the car or other means.

EL 2546 Solar Generator

Product link:

This powerful
solar generator comes with five solar panels. Each solar panel comes with a
capacity of 16 watts and thus makes this generator the best for different
functions that includes general home lighting, charging, and for powering
things like televisions, radios, and other small machines. In addition, the generator
comes with a 1500 watts inverter and two AC outlets. Therefore, if you are
looking for a type that you can use to power your house, and to use for
different appliances such as the iPhone charging, mp3 player and other
functions, then you should consider this awesome brand.

Sun Tracker’s Solar Generator

Product link:

Aspect Solar is a
very powerful generator that has gained the confidence of consumers on the
market. The generator comes with a capacity of up to 200W and thus is the best
for different functions. In addition, the battery comes with a capacity of 250
watts. In this case, if you are looking for a generator that you can use to
power devices and appliances that requires large amounts of power, then this is
the right choice for you. With this wonderful solar generator, you can use it
to do all that pertains powering your appliances such as the television,
microwaves, hair driers, and refrigerators among other appliances.

Nature 40402 Solar Generator

Product link:

Are you looking
for a heavy-duty generator that can power all your systems and appliances? If
so, this is the right choice for you. This awesome solar generator comes with a
power capacity of 1800W and is thus the best for large-scale home application.
With this, you can power all your appliances that include refrigerators,
microwaves, and other machines that requires large power capacity. In addition
to the features, there are also 4 AC outlets that increases the convenience and
the ease of accessing the power. Another great feature is that, the generator
can be expanded. That means you can add on the number of solar panels and
auxiliary batteries as the need may arise.

110 Solar Generator

Product link:

OG 110 Solar
Generator is also another type of a heavy-duty generator that serves different
functions. When it comes to the features, the generator comes with an excellent
capacity that makes it suitable for powering different types of machines that
can include microwaves, televisions, and refrigerators and for general lighting
and charging functions. The generator capacity is rated at 400 Watts, 12
Voltage capacity, and 75 amp hours. This solar generator is therefore an ideal
type that is suitable for most home functions. It is important to also not that
the generator is highly portable and is worth value for money.

Power Solar Extreme Generator

Product link:

With Go Power, you
can run your TV smoothly and other appliances that you may want to. This solar
power generator is a great choice and comes with unique features that makes it
suitable for home application. The features include a 480-watt solar and thus
is a great choice for heavy-duty functions. In addition, the generator requires
very little maintenance and produces no noise. That means you can work with it
even in schools and other institutions that requires less of noise. This
generator also comes with a powerful inverter that you can use to convert
direct current from the sun into an alternating current.

Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator

Product link:

This product is
yet another Goal Zero brand that come in its style. The generator comes with a
300 watts capacity and thus making it suitable for medium power functions that
includes general home lighting, charging, and for powering other small
appliances. What is very important about this special generator is its compact
design that makes it easy to carry along. With its 20 watts solar panel, you
can simply travel with it wherever you want to. Though the generator is a bit
heavy, it is fitted with a handle to make things even easier. The other
features of this invaluable generator is that it comes with a USB, three 12V
outlets, and two AC outlets.

10.  PowerSource 1800 Solar
Powered Generator

Product link:

This is a very
powerful generator that is designed for heavy-duty functions. This 1800 watts
generator comes with powerful two-100 AH quality batteries. With all these,
there is no point in time that you should worry about power outage. In this
case, if you are looking for an alternative to electricity, this is the right
choice of a generator to choose. Indeed, you will save a lot from this type. It
is also imperative to note that this solar generator comes with its inverter,
two batteries, charge controller, and battery storage among other packages.
This PowerSource generator is the best and is highly portable and

How to buy the best solar powered generator

For you to get the
best cheap solar powered generator, you should consider a number of factors. Of
course, the generator that you will choose depends on the purpose or the
function that the generator is intended. Therefore, the following are the
factors you should consider before making the final choice:

1.      The
storage capacity of the battery.

2.      The
rating of the inverter.

3.      The
quality of the component.

4.      The
portability of the solar generator.


Having learnt the
different types, the top brands and the best products available on the market,
you can then make your choice based on your power needs of your home or any
other purpose the generator is intended. Therefore, you can refer to this guide
whenever you want to find the best solar powered generator on the market.