Song report (Metallica – Enter sandman)

Metallica is a rock band consisting of four main members although it had other members who left the band to form their own bands. It was formed in 1981in Los Angeles. The band is considered to be one of the initiators of hard rock as a type of rock music. They included aggressiveness and instrumentals in their music and coupled it with quick tempo. This made them to be recognized for their hard metallic rock style of music.

This article details on how the group Metallica fits into the history of rock. It also highlights on their inspirations and influences during the moments that they became a hit. Besides this, this article also highlights on some of the aspects of the song ‘enter sandman’ by the group with respect to historical traces of style and musical ingredient.

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Rock music has over the past years been changing to a different style and after sometimes it reinvents itself and moves back to the old style. Rock music dates back to 1940s with the introduction of electric guitars. It became a modification of the style that existed then. The group Metallica began during the 1980s where mainstream rock music had lost its ground on and started to sound stale. This paved the way for new ideas such as post punk and metal rock.

They used more electric instrumentations with a mode of songwriting that was quite different. Among the groups that were active during this period included the Metallic. Its first album in 1983, displayed this new entry of rock music and it got popularity among rock fans. Gradually they managed to pull four albums by the end of 1980s. All these albums were relevant to the mode of the rock music of that time.

Metallica has been very influential in the music of rock. They are among the rock bands that are attributed to the founding of the trash rock. This is their legacy and their biggest contribution to the history of rock. They have sold millions of copies of their music globally with the US being the largest consumer of their music.

This has made it to be referred to as the most influential band that existed in the 80s. Their style of music and handling of the electric guitar, made so many other band to want to emulate them. Some of their songs have been featured in many albums belonging to other rock bands that were inspired by Metallica. The music channel MTV placed the group as the third best metal rock band of all time. Their main big influences included bands that played heavy metal in the past.

The song enter sandman, was a big hit in its time winning several awards. It incorporated aspects of styles that were used during the early times of rock music. For instance it uses fast tempos, a style that was earlier used by groups such as the scorpion that sang heavy metal.

This same style was equally used by hard rock groups and punk rock. Another aspect of the song stylistic devise is the use of harmonized leads, something very common with earlier rock music such as punk and heavy metal. The song was recorded to target the mainstream market that was looking promising then. It managed to attract a very huge crowd and liking. It won several awards and sold millions of copies to the entire world.


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