Sophia to portray this. When bob and charlotte

Sophia uses the visuals to highlight these key issues. In lost in translation the key theme is isolation and she utilise balance to portray this. When bob and charlotte both arrive in Tokyo they feel isolated, lost in this city. Visually this can be seen in shots where bob and charlotte take up one side of the frame without any counterbalance. The two that stood out to me is when bob arrives in the taxi with himself shrouded in darkness on the left whilst the bright lights of Tokyo is on the right. Another is when charlotte is confined in her hotel room with her dark silhouette on the right looking out into the day time of Tokyo on the left. Tokyo becomes a visual representation of their emotional states as Tokyo is constantly alive and booming with colour, while the main characters are more concealed in the shadows symbolizing their loneliness and detachment from the outside world.  As the story progresses and they start to balance each other out which is also represented in a more balanced composition such as one of the final scenes where bob is playing golf with a consistent lighting, showing charlotte lasting effect on him.

There are numerous other ways Coppola shows this. Firstly, she makes use of wide shots, for example when Bob is sitting alone in his hotel room. This emphasises his loneliness by drawing attention to the empty space around him. The frame remains static, symbolising how his life is at a standstill. By pausing at this moment Coppola provokes the viewer to consider his sad situation and evokes pity. Out of focus shots is another stylistic choice showing a disconnect from the characters towards the outside world. Lastly, Coppola employs hand held camera work for when Bob and Charlotte are outside the hotel together. These shots have a more varied colour palette and signal a change in mood within the characters as they start to help each other and impact positively upon one another’s lives. This contrasts greatly with the scenes from within the hotel room, where there is static shots and monotone colour showing the characters internal feelings of imprisonment and being stuck in their lives. 

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