Special Places to Relax & Find Inspiration

Living under stress and tension has become the norm rather than the exemption for most people struggling to meet daily work demands and other family and personal responsibilities. Available knowledge demonstrates that although working is a critical component for our survival, relaxing and letting off steam is equally important as it promotes healthy lifestyles as well as provides the body with ample time to refresh and reenergize itself.

There exists a wide variety of special places where people go to relax or find inspiration, such as museums, game parks, zoos, social networking sites, religious sites, libraries, bars and hotel lounges, and nature walks, among others. Individual preferences and tastes play a contributing factor in selecting a place to relax and get inspiration from.

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In my view, social networking sites, zoos, libraries and museums provides the much needed relaxation and inspiration to enable one focus on the demands of tomorrow. Visiting social networking sites offer great relaxation in that one is able to share with friends about the challenges and fears of life.

Some social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweeter, offers interactive platforms that enables one to while away time in a much more beneficial way than sleeping since you get a chance to not only update yourself in regard to current occurrences, but you also get to share knowledge in a far relaxing state away from the limitations of the traditional classroom.

What’s more, social networking sites provides one with a platform to relax while sharing and networking with friends with whom you share similar interests and passions.

Visiting zoos and museums, in my view, is the most appreciated way to relax and also learn, albeit informally. The experience of feeding bananas to animals in the zoo sweeps one away from the hassles of the physical world to a splendid, warm and almost supernatural world where you instantaneously forget your troubles and enjoy the offerings and wonders of the world to unimaginable limits.

It is imperative to note that zoo and game park visits are also inspirational in nature by the very fact that you get to see how animals interact and socialize with each other. Museums are places where you get to feel and experience our cultural wealth in a manner that is hard to copy in the physical world. The artifacts and tools used in ancient times provides a strand of inspiration on how civilizations have progressed over time and what we are able to achieve as we continue to interact with the environment.

Libraries, in my view, are places where people should visit not only for formal educational purposes, but also to relax and acquaint themselves with content in their own free time. Some libraries offer a cool and enticing environment where one can unwind while perusing through the pages of a classical William Shakespeare’s novel or a magazine of the latest technological trends.

The knowledge gained during such experiences provides an individual with inspiration to not only read for the purposes of passing examinations, but also to read as a way of internalizing the learning culture. The above discussed places, in my view, are very special when it comes to relaxing and finding inspiration.


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