Steven Dominoes, Netflix, and mostly other major companies.

Steven Nguyen Period 1 01/16/201810/02/2017 – 01/04/2018Total: $9,945.885 PagesPart 1: Personal Experience Through trading stocks during the course of the game, I found it very difficult to find stocks that made profit. Mostly, when I have no knowledge of companies other than mainstream media. Therefore I couldn’t find any risky or money making stocks to invest. As a result my balance in my portfolio value was held at a constant and made very little money. The stock I invested in were Costco, Walmart, Voxx, Microsoft, Dominoes, Netflix, and mostly other major companies. Mostly found these companies by the “most and less earning trends” option on the stock market game. Also these were the companies that were mostly safe and had a slow change. For I was too afraid and didn’t know which companies were considered to be risky, for I was too fearful of the ten-page essay. These companies mostly did well in earning me some money, but shorting dominoes and other companies were most of my income every week. A stable and that helped me reach my minimum purchase every week was microsoft. Also, buying some stocks in Target was mostly useful for around the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also Netflix was one of the biggest move of on the rise of decrease. For it was when Netflix announced that they would increase the price of their monthly subscription. This made it easier to make profit by mostly doing this method of shorting and covering than buying and selling. Therefore I shorted and covered and made some great amount of profit. Mr. Moore would share some risky stocks but I wouldn’t understand how it worked and why. I found it difficult to pay attention in class while trying to do the stock market game. Furthermore, I couldn’t’ do it any other class for I needed to focus on the current class and the stock market would close around the time of school ending. Overall, the most I gained of money was shorting and selling the company of Netflix and Dominoes. Thus, overall I started mostly shorting and covering companies rather than the other method of buying and selling. I regret during the portion of the stock market game is not taking risk and finding out more about other companies. I should had asked around for the different type of companies’ stock to invest in for I mostly followed the major companies or the “best-selling or worst-selling” option provided, that provided with some type of money. For some of the other classmates in the room made thousands of dollars and some kid made millions. At that same time, most of the other classmates did not give me advice for they were too greedy for the first place but I never wanted that. I just didn’t want to write an essay, so that throughout the game I mostly struggled on my own. I think the prize is what made everyone greedy and selfish so that no one really helped me. That’s why I believe next year or semester, Mr. Moore can encourage the students not only to play the game but also to help one another out. Like having an incentive for who helps the most students or having a day to explain how to research different types of stock. Also to have days that expanded and talk more about the stock market game rather than letting us do it independently, I think that would mostly helpful. By these other methods I believe it will help the other students to do better in the game and wouldn’t be stressing about it as much. I should had a put little more time and effort into this stock market to gain more money and not to do an essay by other ways and taking risks for it. Although, I did learn the basics of the stock market. How to buy and sell stocks or short and cover stocks. This game made learn a bit more of how economy works and how the stock market works. For before my only knowledge about the stock market was the great stock market crash that lead to The Great Depression. I think it was a valuable experience for me because I am interested in business and economy later on in life. Also, maybe later in life I can further expand my knowledge and play the stock market game but for real and earn some money. Part 2: Stock Basics A stock is a proprietorship position or offer inside an organization or business. Individuals utilize stocks to get the organization. At the end of the day, the more stock one picks up or purchases, the more offers they will hold in the organization. The reason for purchasing a stock is for capital gratefulness and trusts in offering the stock at a more noteworthy cost contrasted with the one that individual purchased. Stocks are purchased under the stock exchange, this is the place individuals purchase, offer, short, or cover a stock. A few cases of securities exchanges the world over are Deutsche Borse, B3, and Bursa Malaysia. Moreover, some securities exchanges in America are the New York Stock Trade, Boston Securities exchange, National Relationship of Securities of Securities Merchants Mechanized Citation Framework (Nasdaq), and the American Stock Trade (AMEX). The share trading system exists since organizations need to fund-raise for new items, to purchase further developed gear, pay for more inventories, enlist more representatives, and decline obligation. To do this, organizations issue their stock into the essential market. The essential market incorporates introductory open offerings otherwise called Initial public offerings. This implies the essential market influences an organization’s to stock accessible to the general population. After the speculators purchase from the essential market or Initial public offerings, they can exchange stocks in the auxiliary market or optional advertising. One of the upsides of exchanging the auxiliary market is that it exchanges quicker and all the more viably. As it were, the auxiliary offering enables speculators to offer their stocks they have just purchased from the organization. The principle reasons on why individuals purchase stocks is to make benefits and construct their portfolio esteem. To choose a stock’s esteem and how much a man wins from purchasing a stock, the P/E proportion is ascertained. P/E remains for cost to income. A stock’s cost depends on the stock’s profit. For instance, if a stock’s esteem can increment drastically, yet in the event that it doesn’t have a lot of profit, the stock will lose esteem. Another proportion financial specialists tend to utilize is the PEG proportion. The PEG remains for cost to profit development. To compute the PEG proportion, take the P/E proportion and partition it by the year over year development rate of its income. With PEG, speculators can contrast the development of the stock with different stocks. Taking everything into account, the PE proportion empowers financial specialists to see where an organization’s stock an incentive right now, though the PEG proportion recognizes where the stock has been over a measure of time. ETF stands for exchange-traded fund and it is investments funded on stock exchanges. The contrast between the two are that ETFs are generally exchanged amid the exchanging days like stocks and shared finances just get exchanged toward the day’s end not at all like stocks. The dominant part of individuals in the Assembled States possess their stocks straightforwardly or they can experience the property of their assetsGenerally speaking, the share trading system is a framework that enables people to exchange and enable organizations to pick up assets to enhance their creations. When putting resources into a stock, one ought to think about the PE proportion and the PEG proportion, with a specific end goal to make benefit.Pages 5 and 6: Stocks, Past and PresentThe history of stock exchanges begin in New York in 1817. The first major crash was the 1920 Stock Market Crash during this time was a successful that lived during this time. It had effects of money moving into much stocks but it had consequences to this for ultimately it failed. Resulting in the bull market of 1920 that lead to the Great Depression. It forced people to gamble with prices of stock and whatever they can to make money during hardship. After this disaster the economy has grown and evolved to avoid these consequences. For the systems has changed from what it was in the 1900’s and now in the present time. Due to the mistakes learned we had better at more open trade, tech, global relations with other nations, communications.


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