Strategic analysis report


To create a dependable and superior bed and breakfast location that visitors can always count on.


To create a relaxing, home away from home experience where visitors will feel valued and cared for through continual added value and superior service provision.

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Value statement

To carry out business in a principled manner by working with ethical suppliers
To encourage great services by offering our staff the best workplace environment
To deal with consumer concerns/ complains in a caring and fair manner
To foster an environment of accountability amongst all staff by making ethical decisions

The vision statement is invaluable to the success of this bed and breakfast business because it explains the big picture. In other words, it answers the ‘who’ and ‘what’ of the organization. This hotel was set up in order to provide leisure services to visitors at the selected location.

Therefore, the vision statement has responded to the “for what?” aspect of this business (Kono, 1994). However, it cannot just be a service that will last for a while; it is something sustainable that will ensure the continued profitability of the business. By adding the term ‘dependable’ in the vision statement, visitors will be certain of having a place that they can go to when traveling and this dependability will ensure consumer loyalty hence sustainable profits.

Also, the vision has responded to the “for whom?” query as well because it has specified that the business will be for visitors. The vision statement generally has shown where the company intends to be in the leisure industry and how this will affect the people targeted by Grover and Janelle (Kaye & Allison, 2005).

The mission statement is very crucial to the success of this business because it is the one that delves into the practical aspects of the vision. In other words, it explains how Grover and Janelle intend on achieving it. The vision will be achieved in the short term by making consumers feel valued and cared for. In the long term, this will be done by adding value continually to the location or the business.

In other words, the organizational vision is never quite complete unless there is an explicit mission statement that explains how the big picture will be formed (Brian, 2000). These are the nifty gritties of the organization.

The value statement offers the tools that will be necessary in ascertaining that both the vision and the mission are accomplished. It will be crucial to the success of this business because it will first of all reflect the values of the business. Furthermore, it will provide a mechanism that ensures that those values themselves are adhered to.

In other words, failure to use it will be detected within the system through one way or another. Furthermore, the value statement is going to guide the decision makers so that they can carry on doing what they do in an ethical manner.

They should not make decisions that will oppose those values. In this regard, the organization will have built for itself a very solid reputation (Ruess & Burkhart, 1993). It is likely that consumers will come to the bed and breakfast because their experiences demonstrate how value based this business is.

Furthermore, the value statement contributes to the sustainability of the company because it sets the foundation for long lasting relationships with consumers. It causes stakeholders to realize that this company actually will walk the talk and they can therefore be depended on for continuous service. This will not only assist the consumers but it will also contribute towards a stable relationship with other stakeholders in the business such as the suppliers.


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