Structural system project


The structural systems are extremely important for building, structural engineering, and construction. Theoretical knowledge applied to certain projects in practice can help in the process of solving complicated tasks. A complex approach used while analyzing and assessing the scale of work to be done can facilitate construction due to phased algorithm. In this respect, rebuilding a tower or analyzing resolve forces are parts of the complex project known as structural systems.

If I had to rebuild a tower to support a water tank, I would apply knowledge acquired during the procedure underwent in class. The knowledge concerns the scheme of designing the truss bridge which consists of separate sections that are built in accordance with the mechanism of dynamic load of compression or the one of resistance designed to join those elements.

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In other words, separate components can be joined with the help of resistance forces regarding the nature of water towers. I can rebuild a tower to support water tank in accordance with the principles that work in truss bridges such as a set of load-resisting separate components.

As every science has some allied fields, construction and building should be learnt in accordance with other rules and methods used in physics and mathematics. Thus, resolving forces into components is really important, especially when designing truss bridges and other constructions that are aimed at supporting heavy loads.

Moreover, a failure may occur if a constructor does not take into account resistance and compression that are sure to ruin the structure of the project. In this respect, resolving forces into components can facilitate the process of choosing the most appropriate method to implement in a definite project.

Resolving forces into components presupposes many different options when one force can dominate over another. However, there is a concept of static equilibrium when all forces that work on a body are in balance or the total force on every part of the body equals zero. This concept helps to feel more confident while solving problems related to static equilibrium and resolving forces into components. This experience shows that all forces should be taken into account while assessing the project.

Every concept and every method used in engineering, building, and construction should be learned in order to be able to implement knowledge while dealing with practical assignment. Professional career and professional development depend greatly on the ability to apply theory to practice in an appropriate manner.

Skills and engineering concept acquired and understood from this project can be used in professional career because every professional has to know all stages of the project and act in accordance with the algorithm. Resolving forces into components, solving equilibrium static problems, and designing appropriate constructions for different types of building projects will be used in professional career.

Simulation and optimization in design are used to create a similar situation and see how all forces interact in different cases when certain changes are introduced into the construction. These processes facilitate the work of engineers and designers as it enables professionals to predict certain complications that may occur in the process of building or exploitation and make necessary alterations.

To conclude, every project should be assessed and designed with the help of simulation and optimization tools. All components of the construction have some peculiar features that can fail to interact with other parts of it. In this respect, engineering concepts and professional skills are aimed at solving problems related to various types of projects and their corresponding implementation into practical constructions.


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