Students and their Behaviors


Education is very vital and everybody should be given an opportunity to have access to it; it enables individuals to be critical thinkers and be in a better position to make enlightened decisions regarding various aspect of the world. The classroom setting is however faced with various challenges brought about by the diversity of the students involved. Different students exhibit different capabilities and behaviors posing a challenge to the teachers and other staffs involved in the provision of education.

A teacher should however try his or her best to ensure that all the students acquire quality education through the application of different teaching techniques aimed at facilitating the learning process. This paper will look into some of the behaviors in students, reasons for the behaviors, the appropriate education programs, and interventions that can be applied to deal with the behaviors.

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Types of Students

There are different types of students depending on their behaviors or characteristics, for example, drop outs or hang outs are the students who start by being inconsistent in their school attendances and may only come for examinations then finally drop out of school if necessary measures are not taken.

They are more concerned with social issues than they are on academic matters and usually do not perform well in class. Another type is where the students are serious in academic work and at the same time balances with the social world and hence attain good grades. There are other students who dwell on the last minute and waste most of their school life only to have a lot of pressure sometimes before the examination.

There are also the nerd students who are usually very nice, perform well but are usually not social. Students can also be generally classified as hyperactive, passive-aggressive, and hostile aggressive among other categorizations. In this paper, Sara is a nerd student though with some emotional problems while Lupe falls under the drop out or hang out group (The Red and Black Archives, 2008).

Understanding and Dealing with Different Behaviors

Since there are different behaviors in students, it is important for teachers to understand and deal with them accordingly. Sara may be a bright student but her performance may be negatively affected by the withdrawal and lack of socialization behavior. Socialization is very essential as it lifts up a student’s self esteem and helps him or her deal with various situations.

A good way of dealing with this behavior is through appreciation and motivation by the teachers which works by raising the self esteem of the student and encouraging them to do better. Direct teaching of social problem solving, counseling, encouragement of group discussion and providing group formation opportunities among the students will also enhance socialization.

Lupe’s problem is more of a discipline-related than emotional problem. One way of dealing with her problem is peer oriented intervention where peers can be used to bring about positive improvement, for instance, association with those who do not miss class but take academic work seriously.

Another way is the involvement of parents where the parents are used to encourage the student to attend school regularly by showing them the importance of education and how performance is affected by attendance. Equipping Lupe with social problem solving skills is also essential as they help one resist bad peer influence, solve conflicts and most importantly cope with emotions and stress (Mishra, 2007).


Self esteem and emotional well being are essential in any student’s life as they help establish a sense of belonging, confidence, and self motivation that are necessary in the learning process especially in promoting good behavior and discipline.

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