Successful e-commerce business

The apparels industry is highly competitive; players in the industry need to use modern electronic business applications to remain competitive. Myer is an international merchandise store specializing more on apparels for men, women and children; the company has adopted effective e-commerce business application in the areas of sales, security, payments, and customer service. This paper discusses e-commerce business applications at Myer; it will concentrate on the use in security and payments.


Business physical and information security is paramount for successful business operation; other than securing the business, the company has embarked on consumer security. By using computers, the company ensures that the entire place has been locked; they have alarmed padlocks and have a CCTV system that records everything that goes inside the shopping malls.

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In the security room, security managers to survey the entire mall and ensure that things are going according to the planned order use a screen CCTV system. In the screen, they can see someone stealing a commodity; they can note unattended shelves as well as stranded customers.

In the company’s website, when a customer has purchased from the company, and probably wants some delivery, he is asked to give some private information to facilitate the transaction. It is the role of information security teams to ensure that such information is kept a secret and not be accessible to someone else. They do so by ensuring that no loophole in the website that can allow hackers to use the system access private information.


Though situated in Australia, Myer enjoys a large volume of international buyers; to facilitate trade, the company has developed a number of payments options opened to the customers. The systems are open even to local buyers in the efforts of making financial transitions as safe as possible. Some of the options that the company has incorporated are

International money transfers acceptance: (EFTS)

The company can give its bank account to international and domestic customers to send their money directly to the company’s account. This is seen as an instant practice that after the money has been received, the receiving bank communicates to the company instantly.

The system is also used when the company is paying for international purchases and settling such bills. When making domestic payments including salaries, the system is also put into action. Before a transaction has been effected, it must be authorized by a senior officer in the company.

Electronic checks

The company accepts electronic checks made and supported by internationally recognized banks; this allows customers to get commodities before the maturity or the checks. To ensure that the transaction is effective and risk free, the company asks for banks guarantees.

Internet banking

The company adopts an internet banking system; this is where it can receive and pay for transitions over the internet. When using this method, it ensures that it has correctly vetted the company that offers the service. Some owe the payment companies that the company has contracted are PayPal and Western Union.

Myer understand the risks associated with e-payments; when developing or contracting for the service, it ensures that it has vetted the project effectively. The operating systems are updated regularly to ensure they can cope and advise on any threat or risk in the system. Myer uses the system for international and external payments as well as receiving money.


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