Summary day in the current generation and almost


For every business to thrive and
attract the targeted market, the business gives the first consideration to
advertisement. Therefore, to get a space for advertisement both physical space
or online, there is a requirement for a considerable amount of money. This
translates that both the effort and resources invested in marketing in most
cases go overboard. Given that a number of businesses have access to online
advertisement platforms, they use this as a means of reaching to the targeted
clients by displaying their products in their websites as well as other
websites. Apart from a business personal website, other website gives provision
for advertisement for a specific period of time and upon payment of given fees
determined by the company that owns the website. In the recent past, the prices
of advertisement have declined; however, there are means a business can employ
to make the advertisement even cheaper.

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According to Tuten,
& Solomon, (2017),
social media is the order of the day in the current generation and almost 70%
of the global population has access to social media despite the alarming rate
at which people join various social media platforms. Taking advantage of the
available customer base in the social media, many companies have made the
attempt of creating official communication platform through the use of social
media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Such platforms
are made in a way they have the background cover containing the most crucial
information the company intends to pass to the public. Ideally, the background
provides favorable converse for marketing. Our company can make an initiative of
making advertisement through the use of the covers. Instead of using the legacy
pop up advertisement that has a limited time for the display and the size of
publication, using Background Cover of an affiliate entity with a large
following in the social media is the best option for the reduction of budget.  


In the past five years, the power of
social media advertisement has been at its peak. The surfacing of sites like
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have created the most applicable
platforms when it comes to running advertisements. Those platforms are a mile
stone in the advertisement because of the ability to explicitly profile the
user of the site. Social platform offers the best opportunity for advertiser to
understand the choice and preference of the customers since monitoring the
online activities of the user, their interest as well as the distribution of population
is quite easer. The company has strength in using the social media by grouping
people with special interest together in one page or same update. Social media
prevails a definite market enables advertisers to get access to people with
similar interest without using much effort (Kaur, 2016).

Notwithstanding the fact that payment
plans applicable to the legacy ways of advertisement have their allocation in
the social media advertisement, the recent web design appears to have created a
platform for innovation and provides a new platform for advertisement. This
paper therefore put more emphasis on the background images that the social
media allows its users to modify, referred to as the cover photo or background
covers. Users of social media have restricted rights in regard to the financial
aspect of their usage as highlighted by ‘mist user agreement policy.’ However,
advertising business through the use social media accounts is not prohibited
and almost all the social media platforms allows their uses to use the platform
in the promotion of their goods and services and also, they give platform for
the business to create links with business partners or levy some charges in
order to publicize another person’s products (De Vries, Gensler,
& Leeflang 2012).

This paper therefore tends to ascertain
the basic behind the legacy as a way of advertisement and the trend that has of
late optimized the social media platforms.

Means of Online Advertisement

In most cases, online advertisement or
the so called online marketing are in two forms namely; paid search
advertisement and display advertisement. This method of advertisement has of
late been the trend taking over from the traditional methods such as magazines
and radios. The paid search advertisement method is a process where the
advertiser makes payment to a search engine company on order to display their
links and make the links be at the top of the search whenever a client intends
to search a similar project. However, the most known method often used by
people in advertisement is the display advertisement. It is a kind of
advertisement where the advertiser uses the publications that are on the
websites for the visitors to view.

The financial viability laying behind
the pricing and the sales of online advertisement are explained as; paid search
is a situation where the advertiser upsets the search logarithms by purchasing
the top ranks in the search results for given key words., a method known as
search engine optimization. In this method, the advertiser only makes a payment
when a client gets into their website through the use of the displayed link.
Another method used in the determination of payment for advertisement is
through the use of cost per impression system. Through such system, the advertiser
makes payment depending on the frequency at which the link is displayed for the
clients, a method reoffered to as the impression. Many do the counting of
impressions in thousands. However, this method does not in any way depend on

There are other means the advertisers
can use in the settlement of costs; for instance, the fixed cost plan. In this
platform, the advert is made to run for a given fixed period of time and this
is what the advertiser pays for regardless of the number of people who visits
the site. In this platform, it is important for the advertiser to study the
trend at which the clients visit the site and makes request for the link to be
displayed specifically during the prime times to maximize the number of people
visiting the site.  


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