“That gratification. While technology does have a major

    “That Damn Generation Z!” I’m sure we’ve all heard this comment before from previous generations as they “welcome” this new generation into the workforce. However maybe Generation Z isn’t all that bad after all. Plenty of adjustments to everyday office life have been made to accommodate Millennials but now a new generation is ready for work. Although many people have developed a negative stigma against Gen. Z saying that it is bad that they are very reliant on technology and prefer instant gratification, the workforce should help integrate them  by providing better training programs, allowing more opportunities for promotions and consider a more flexible work schedule in order to conform to the needs of Generation Z.    Many concerns that large corporations worry about is that Generation Z may be too reliant on technology and could be too used to having instant gratification. While technology does have a major impact on our productivity with social media apps, and the endless void of the internet, despite distractions it can also be very beneficial for DIY fixes to problems and tutorial videos at your pace. Thanks too companies such as Amazon and online shopping Gen. Z is able to buy and receive almost anything they desire within as little as two days. While some might consider this expectation for instant gratification problematic because it seems as if we don’t have to work as hard, or that hard work immediately pays off, this desire for noticeable change could fuel productivity and prove to be the cause of increased company worth. One way that the professional world should consider adapting for generation Z is by providing better training programs. In “Preparing for Gen. Z” Brandon Barborka believes that “Generation Z has a strong desire to learn and improve their skills.” So by providing more in-depth training you will only be furthering their understanding and advancing their qualifications for the job at hand. Many Gen. Zers agree that it is important to have an experienced mentor or business partner. Unlike millennials generation is he does not have a sense of entitlement. They understand that the key to success is hard work. Generation Z values the tips and work of others and are able to build off of ideas or examples provided by comrades. Barborka also mentions that Generations Z finds that a strong professional relationship with coworkers and higher level employees is beneficial because it allows them to gain insight on their profession and its background. Bike World employee Neo Zamudio agrees by saying “When I first started off I did not know anything about bikes, making myself somewhat insufficient in sales, but with hands-on training along with assistance and advice of my coworkers I was able to learn more about bike components, quality of riding, and maintenance. By furthering my knowledge I am able to thoroughly explain all details to customers and persuade th sale.” Another thing that is important to Generation Z is having room to grow. As generation Z was growing up school systems drastically relied on competitiveness to determine success. Because of this and their strong-willed nature, Generation Z is one of the most competitive immature generations yet to come. Barborka uses Millennials as an example when explaining that unlike their requests of things such as indoor golf courses and video games, Generation Z wants to see perks and for rewards that are more related to their career path that will allow them to advance professionally such as seminars and expos where they can learn and increase their credibility. English III AP teacher Mr. White believes that the seminars he has been to have opened his eyes to new ways of teaching and got himself as well as other teachers to make changes to their everyday routines. Mr. White agrees that by sending employees to educational seminars they’re able to bring new ideas to the table that can get it at the company. This change in incentive could save your company money and provide it with more knowledgeable workers.One final change your company should consider making in order to welcome generations Z would be to create a more flexible work schedule. Generation Z finds positivity in working remotely with their phones. They think that different people are more productive at different hours of the day. By allowing your company to integrate into the cellular world you could be more efficient, and have less weekly hours. Many Gen. Zers want to see more work-life integration because it provides a new kind of convenience. By reducing the amount of hours employees work many will have more time to spend with their families.Imagine having one of the most productive companies in the market that is run by insightful, hard-working employees. By adapting to the needs of Generation Z, you can look forward to an increase in your company is worth and prolong its existence by blending with this conscientious generation.