The aim is to tackle down the crises

The topic presented by United nation development programme (UNDP) are ‘Harnessing data revolution to drive sustainable development’ and ‘introducing happiness as a measure of development’. The UN development program supports the government to tame and address the root causes of the ongoing humanitarian crisis.UNDP collaborates with government and the UN agencies to work toward simultaneously for peace, justice, security, and longer-term sustainable development. To avoid and reduce shocks, caused by violence, disaster, climate, famine or epidemic. Somalia cares deeply about these topics and thinks they should be recognized noticeable.1.harnessing data revolution to drive sustainable development The data revolution is a new system introduced to tackle issues faced by developing countries. The government has realized the importance and the benefit of data and has considered applying the method to solve the issue of sustainable development. The data allow people to access information such as the price market, weather pattern and new farming technique. with the given information from the data, it could help the people in Somalia to resolve poverty, hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and further promote sustainable agriculture. This would boost the economy of the country and encourage development in a sustainable way. With the help of the UN (United Nation), the federal government of Somalia has invested to tackle down humanitarian crises such as electricity and drought.Drought is a recurring problem addressed in Somalia. In December 2017, with the support of the UN (United Nation), the world bank and the European Union, Somalia was able to come up with a solution on the crisis of the recurring drought due to the investment, which is estimated at USD 1.77 billion over the period of 2 to 3 years. Their aim is to tackle down the crises without the further unsustainable cycle of recurrent drought that could lead to famine risk.One of the biggest tragedy in Somalia is the destruction of trees in order to duel crises at the time.Although Somalia is a country of excellent entrepreneur potential, technical supports are given for the better development of the country, to tackle the crises faced. Somalia is among the largest beneficiaries of IMF technical aid. Sooner they’d be able to undertake the issue of droughts, electricity… etc in a sustainable way. This would further enhance sustainable development of Somalia.2. introducing happiness as a measure of development  Human development approach is related to happiness. To a certain extend Somalia seems more satisfied than Kenya, despite having experience war for longer than 2 decades