The city can offer.Even though i found certain

The program gives exposure to variety of fields or I have the choice choosing one from a plethora of options , so I think i would be an apt fit for the course, counting my experience in different fields (Email deliverability executive, experience in AWS, Digital marketer Video Editor, delivered a training program to MBA students of a reputed college on Adwords and Google Analytics ) Certified in Google analytics and adwordsWhy i got a certification how i learned to make videos, why i went for it quizzes and how all Of it came together at the end like piecing together jigsaw to help me at my job now.Growing up i was really fascinated with technology/ i wanted to make electronic gizmos which was far beyond the capacity of an eight year oldI am very inquisitive about technology interest in computers, in lower classes,Internet opened a new world and started exploring more, my hobby was scavenging the internet for new knowledge. My passion for technology grew Felt the need for sharing the knowledge i started acquiring , so learned video editing and started making tutorial videos online.In school I used to attend IT quizzes religiously I realized my craving for technology and electronics , so took up Physics and Electronics as major subjects in college my project work in final year even though not very groundbreaking  had won accolades from the examiners for presenting / selling it to them I was called on to fill a number of roles in my time at Caspar Technologies,Had to be a subject matter expert  so crammed took certifications to get a permanent job When I joined for all the work past experiences helped in one way or the other throughout the time i’ve been working.planning to pursue MME TIME from RWTH Aachen.I come from a quaint little heaven tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city ; But doesn’t lack in anyway; has all the bells and whistles or features a city can offer.Even though i found certain subjects to be challenging i had pretty much made up my mind on pursuing a STEM course for undergraduate course just like me being a jack of all trades (Which i will explain above )Why MeI can comprehend both complex technological processes and the art of management, which are the necessities of today and are increasingly sought after by the industrial world. I am keen on technical and critical thinking parts of both engineering and management.Why i want to study in germany Germany is a symbol of technical excellence and I learned that Germany is the place to go if i wanted to make the best of myself and reach my full potentialWhy University? / courseMy interest in several technological fields played a crucial role in choosing MME TIME, an epitome of versatility. I was really hooked when I learned about the hands on training the course offered assuring me of a perfect balance of theory and practice. MME TIME is a perfect union of my undergraduate course work and job profile, though my work period resulted in a slight deviation from my study field into marketing. Moreover there wasn’t any need of second thoughts on choosing the university as one of the best in Germany and ranks well in world University Ranking, I am very much honoured to study in a prestigious institution as RWTH Aachen When I started working had first hand experience  how little or no technical know how for managers  can impact the company/ the products and makes it difficult A gap exists between technical staff  and untechnical management (need to make it more professional) One needs to be both technical enough and business-savvy to make a differenceLooking forward to experience the heart of German Engineering


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