The City of Portland in Oregon State

Portland is the most populous city in the state of Oregon in United States and it is located in North-western part of the country. The city has been subdivided in to five sections which are inclusive of Northeast, North and Northwest as well as Southeast and Southwest.

The north and the south part are divided by the Burnside Street while a river known as Willamette separates eastern region from the western region. The city of roses as it is usually known is a fascinating travel destination due to various features that not only keep visitors busy, but are also quite interesting.

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The city comprises theatres, museums, parks, gardens, and galleries to name just a few that help to attract both domestic and international tourists. There is so much that someone sees in Portland city and therefore, this essay describes physical features present in the city of Portland.

Portland city is characterized by temperament climate. I visited the city during a summer season and the temperatures were quite warm such that it was possible to enjoy to the fullest without the hindrances of the extreme weather conditions. Once a person arrives at the city, the most interesting issue is the transport system which includes the trolleys, buses, as well as the street cars.

MAX which represents a light rail line interested me most as through it, it is possible to take a ride and have a chance to view major features present in the Portland city. Apart from riding and travelling using different means of transport, it is also quite interesting to walk or take strolls.

Walking is quite interesting because the city contains short blocks, parks as well as bridges. In addition, the city has got some other interesting features that someone enjoys while walking like the art, fountain as well as urban parks.

There are so many outstanding features concerning Portland, but parks and gardens greatly contribute to the aesthetic value of the city. It is among the three cities in United States that contain volcanoes and other historical as well as scientific sites.

Major parks and gardens in the Portland City are inclusive but not limited to Mills Ends Park, Forest Park, Washington Park which hosts International Rose Test Garden as well as Portland Japanese Garden. Visiting the garden makes a person to realise the importance of nature and to feel as part of the same.

Of all the above mentioned places, the most interesting place that I was able to visit was the Japanese Garden. It is a big garden since it covers an area of five and half acres and comprises five unique garden styles. The main theme of the Japanese garden is to illustrate the traditional culture of the Japanese community which is achieved by using stones water as well as different types of plants.

In total, the garden comprises five smaller gardens which are inclusive of strolling, sand and stone, flat, tea, as well as the natural garden.

It is important to mention that Portland also contains pubs, brew houses and other important club that make the night life interesting. Apart from tasting the local brew sold in the local bars, a visitor also gets a chance to enjoy music and dance. I was lucky to have visited the city during summers because I got a chance to enjoy the performance of Oregon Zoo concert.

Therefore, it is not an understatement to conclude that the city of Portland is not only a must visit but an unforgettable experience due to the urban lifestyle as well as features like parks and gardens that contribute to its liveability.


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