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     The causes of Police corruption in the 1920’s were due to the environment of accepted corruption which had further led to practices that monetarily benefitted  individual officers or their departments. Officers accepted bribes to ignore or engage in criminal activity, and demanded money to not report criminals. Gangsters and many others bribed police officers to have importation and consumption of liquor, because liquor was illegal to sell and to have. Prohibition also greatly increased increased the potential for corruption. Massive amounts of money were being made by bootleggers who in turn, paid off police officers to allow their illegal activity to continue. Problems associated with Prohibition had caused a number of social and political problems and recognized Prohibition unenforceable and carried a great potential for police corruption.    Police corruption continues to affect society today. Corruption is still as present as it was then, because there will be good cops, and there will also continue to be corrupt cops. You can’t necessarily change the fact that there are corrupt cops, because it’s up to many factors why a cop becomes or is corrupt. Police are the primary institution for implementing law in society, police corruption stops the meaning and the failure of police officers to do what they were assigned to do.  Corruption takes away from the meaning of what police symbolize in society. Police corruption negatively affects society by also perpetuating crime, takes away from protection, and lowers trust in police. In turn, this could weaken the bonds that hold together society.                                                                 Police corruption affects the economy because it allows criminals to continue on with their illegal activities and laundering money. Things such as robberies and stealing from businesses can affect the economy greatly. Corrupt cops allowing criminals to get away with these illegal activities, can affect the businesses that they are stealing from. This leaves the businesses with a failing infrastructure, that will then affect the amount of money and success provided to the economy from those businesses. There are also robberies that occur, that criminals will get away with due to police corruption. Such as