The local services quality where the American headquarters

The company
have a time set for the food menu items so that the order is delivered within a
short and specific amount of time. Even in the busy hours, the employees make sure
that the order is delivered on time to the customer.


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The stuff
are trained to prepare and present meals according to very specific processes
that are strictly enforced, and also meets all the hygiene specifications. Even
success on the on customers feedback to continuously improve the quality &


Is where
the organization make decisions about the customer needs and what’s the right
way and how its done whether its acceptable or not, some measurements the management
develop so it can become standards in the organization to achieve their goals
and perfection in all the degrees.   




McDonald’s menu have main ingredients: beef, chicken, bread, potatoes and coke.
The main menu is: The Big Mac, chicken nuggets, French fries, and cheese burger
with some locally offers and new products that local customers want. Whether
it’s McArabia in KSA, Angus Burgers in Australia, they are strategically improving
menu to attract new customers.

Jobs are systematic and repetitive in everyday processes. So to produce so
many burgers every employee have a particular job to be sure that the quality
and taste of the meals are the same all the time.

of operational strategy process

McDonald’s also use a strategy called
local promotions where a part of the marketing budget is controlled locally by
the franchisee offering specially tailored local promotion activity to deliver
high sales. And thy have the local services quality where the American headquarters
lay down international standards for its product range, but the product are
cooked locally in each restaurant individually with local people delivering the
local big mac and the local french fries and the local diet coke in Saudi Arabia,
cape town south Africa or St. Petersburg Russia. What this means that McDonald’s
has standardized equipment but it also extensive local rule books, major training
academies called hamburger universities and continuous monitoring of local

McDonalds’s does not own all its restaurants
centrally, for many years it has been operating a franchise system in many countries,
the company doesn’t only offers its product range and brands but also make design
guidance on the building and individual restaurant the grilles and other materials
and so on but also training of managers and employees to make sure the standardized
product delivery even pricing.

operation strategy: Is a business practices or a
system that helps the company to work and operate with a high effectiveness and
efficiency and provide their product or service with the best quality.
McDonald have a standardizes
products as the big mac, coke drink, chicken nuggets, french fries, and cheeseburgers
its able to deliver major economies of scale and scope from its international
orations, it has global brands and global customer satisfaction, it could even
research new items globally and recover the costs across many countries. McDonald’s
has many local menu variations ranging from a Chinese menu in Germany to special
vegetarian dishes in India thus McDonald’s need to cater for local tastes whatever
the consequences.


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