The role of Religion


Religion has changed millions of lives; it has given them a hideout from their fears, promised materials and peace to the poor and encouraged the weak, among others. The world has many forms of religion, for instance, United States’ varied culture is credited to the different forms of religion. These include Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hindu, Sikhs, Buddhists and atheists, among others. This paper will explore the role of religion in America and that of smaller groups in forming policies.

Role of religion in America and its impacts

Although statistics show that the American public is increasingly drawing away from religion, it still has the majority and plays a big role in their lifestyles. American population is till keen on spiritual life, given the high number of religious tapes and books sold.

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Religion plays a big role in people’s lives; it controls their emotions, gives hope for the future and bestows brotherhood as well as peace among the people. Although religion seems diverse, more often the majority of American population always remains united especially in times of war.


American people are sometimes lonely due to an uncertain future after death. People therefore fear death, and do not know what to rely on. They seem disillusioned by the vague explanations as to their origin and virtually every naturally occurring thing on earth. They also feel scared of the moral chaos that faces their surroundings, among others. These problems make their lives uncertain, and the only refuge becomes religion as it assures them of life after death, materials, as well as promises that makes life meaningful and certain.

Unity/communal role

Most religions profess unity and communal work. Americans are encouraged to work together for a common purpose, this helps in imparting a sense of belonging and care to individuals. It has also helps encourage Americans to assist the needy as well as donate for such purposes in poor nations across the globe.


Even though religion has brought peace and unity to its members, situations have risen where different religious sectors conflict. For instance Islam and Christianity has always conflicted, these have led to racism, terror threats and several unimaginable issues between these groups.

Generally, religion has brought people together by promoting peace and aiding the needy. This has helped establish a strong relationship between American society and the international community at large.

Roles of smaller groups in forming public policies

Smaller groups have found it increasingly difficult to form public policies especially in democratic states where the majority wins. In that regard, Islam has had fewer reforms compared to Christianity in United States. Similarly, Christianity has had even fewer reforms in Islamic countries. These groups do not have the commanding power to effect changes on policies they require, they are therefore left to follow policies implemented by the majority.

For these groups to form a public policy, they need to participate fully in the other group’s agendas, this way they can get support from the more influential groups to make changes in policies affecting them. They can also follow the due process entrenched in the constitution of that nation when pushing for such policies.


Religion plays a big role in American lives; it unites them and gives them surety of the uncertain. It comforts them and promotes her peace with the international community. Nonetheless, it should guard on hatred and racist comments that arise due to religious differences. Smaller groups usually find it difficult to form policies in a country, but this can change if they increase their participation in supporting the more influential groups.


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