The the 24 kids chosen and forced to

The power of the weak The novel details the adventure of Katniss Everdeen, one of the 24 kids chosen and forced to engage in a  fight-to-death tournament. It’s all played out in the dystopic nation of Panem. A country entirely run by the the government, separeted into 12 districts with severe class differeneces, one being the richest and 12 the most poor. The annual Hunger Games are kept to promote disunion, and the government power.The main theme going through the novel from start to finish is “suffering as entertainment”. The constant reminder of seeing the nationwide killings of innocent children everywhere you turn. Its a reminder that the government has the ability to force whatever they want upon us, especially the lower ranked districts. But the  suffering for some people is pleasure or entertainment for the Capitol or the higher ranked districts. Suffering as entertainment Throughout the whole novel there is a constant theme, forced suffering of children as mass entertainment. There are gamemakers that have the job to artificially create more suffering in the arena where the Hunger Games are played out. Ideally it would be a battle between the children where atleast one person dies.The main draw Collins wrote was the voyeurism, in this specific scenario, wathcing children slowly and painfully pass as the people of Panem are forced to observe. Katniss brought up how games are very different each year, making some successful  and some the opposite. A succsseful one would contain the reccuring motif of battles, but only battles that are slow and painful to keep up the excitement of the viewers. The best example being the last battle between Katniss/Peeta and Cato. Even though Cato had been defeated he was still kept alive by the muttations. They wanted his death to be prolonged and exceedingly gruesome for a continous stream of watchers. But the suffering doesn’t end here, there is plenty of psycological suffering. The most outstanding one being the fascinating relationship  of Katniss and Peeta that was assumed to be doomed. It’s the suffering promise they had that President Snow continously tried to break to reveal them. Itadded more drama which  ended up drawing more attention towards the games The power of the President and the Capitol Panem, a dictorship ruled by President Snow. The poweris maintained in his hand  by scattering division througout the nation. Dividing the country into district ensure dependence upon the government. Each and every district specializes in manufacturing a certain task or product, for example coal mining in district 12.  The reidents therefore rely on central distrubution powered by the government. The dependence is further more imposed by the strict laws of poaching, a law that Katniss routinely breaks by hunting on prohibited land. The power and divison is annualy demonstrated by the Hunger Games,the games that put the districts aginst each other, and in doing so makes the people of Panem focus on jealousy and competing which further reinforces the power that the Capitol actually has over them.   Importamces through appearance Throughout the novel player, as Katniss likes to call them, has a team of stylists. The kids are tought what to say and how to behave to control how they are preceived in the Capitol. At the reaping when Katniss volunteered as a tribute she focused hard on not crying and showing her weakness, meaning an easy target. The novel emphasizes on her preparations eten they were first showed in the Capitol. Her stylist, Cinna, created at dress with synthic flames that immedietly catched everyones attention and made her earn the out standing name, the girl on fire. But drawing attention isnt jjust about earning pride, it’s about making a memorable impression that will gain sponsors. Her lack of “capitolness” made her stand out even more and pleased a greater amount of watchers. When in the arena Katniss wanted to cry at multiple occassions stopped herself because knowing how the sponsors think, self-pitying tributes are seen as very unattractive. The importance of apparance had developed into a survival strategy.  So yes, if you ask me,  this whole country is built up on fear, which is as a form of entertainment. It keeps the weak, scared and the powerful, pleased. But the funny thing is that the ones we see as powerful (the governemnt) are in fact the weak. Because their only way of control is violance and fright. They themselvesfear of losing their “control”. Hence me naming naming it “the power of the weak”


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