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The city of San Francisco is the setting for Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon which was published in 1930.Dashiell Hammett is the author of this novel and he worked on detectives in literature his whole life.The 1930’s was a time of despair and sadness as the Great Depression was in full effect. Hammett used his surroundings such as San Francisco and the Great Depression to write his novel. Dashiell Hammett’s writing style is encouraged by Freytag’s plot line however, Hammett is creative and original in the way he used the plot chart as he didn’t jump right away in the exposition, instead he described characters throughout the novel. The exposition in Freytag’s plot elements refers to where characters and the conflict are introduced. Hammett goes right into the conflict and introduces characters throughout the rising action and climax.  The effectiveness of Hammett’s main plot, Spade’s quest for the truth, lies its adherence to Gustav Freytag’s plot chart, and in the well-crafted subplots of Brigid O’Shaughnessy, and Gutman. The main plotline of the Maltese Falcon revolved around Spade and his detective work to find the the lost statue which is included in the rising action and climax in Freytag’s plot chart.As stated previously, Hammett did not want to waste any time in the exposition state. Instead he focused on the rising action and climax which leads straight into the story. Miss Wonderly went into Spade and Archers office and hired them to keep an eye on Floyd Thursby because her sister allegedly ran away with him. Archer immediately fell in love with the way Wonderly looked so he openly offered to get the job done that night, however Archer and Thursby were killed.This is where the conflict really occurs as now Spade has to deal with finding out who had something to do with these murders.It is later found out that Miss. Wonderly isn’t actually who she says she is and that her real name in fact is Brigid O’Shaugnessy. It is inferred that Brigid O’Shaughnessy cannot be trusted anymore and Spade realizes that. Although Spade has the murders to deal with, another conflict pops out of nowhere. During a meeting with Casper Gutman and Joel Cairo Spade finds out that there is this jeweled falcon that is worth a lot of money. Spade then said he can get the Falcon within a couple of days and Gutman gave him two proposals which were Spade could get 25,000 when Spade delivers him the falcon and another 25,000 as soon as he gets to New York or Spade will get one quarter-twenty five per cent- of what Gutman realizes on the falcon. Gutman gives Spade a glass of Whiskey and Spade all the sudden becomes dizzy and the Wilmer trips Spade and kicks him. Time passes by and Spade is still focused on the murders. Spade and Tom have lunch together. They begin to talk about Thursby and Tom states that they dug up a record on him. Tom says that Thursby was a St.Louis gunman, but he belonged to the Egan mob. Thursby was Dixie’s bodyguard and he took the run-out with Dixie when Dexie couldn’t pay off his debt.Spade and District Attorney Bryan meet up and the D.A asked Spade who killed Thursby. Spade says he doesn’t know,but stated Spade could make an excellent guess. Bryan then says that he will soon know who killed Thursby. The D.A said that he knows Thursby was Dixie’s bodyguard. Bryan is trying to convey that Spade had something to do with the murders. Spade is sick and tired of being accused and storms out. Dashiell Hammett is constantly switching in between the conflict of the murders and the bird statue. It is portraying that Spade is very capable on focusing on both problems and he is keeping his eyes on the prize.Time passes by and Spade recovers the bird statue. Spade passes it to Gutman who later realizes it’s fake. Dashiell Hammett starts the falling action before the climax. The climax is in the novel is finding out the falcon is fake. Spade faces many conflicts throughout the story, but he always keeps focused on the task at hand. He never trusts anyone besides Effie Perrine. He knows what he is capable of doing. After finding out Brigid was the murderer Spade has accomplished the goal of finding out the murderer. Spade towards the end of the novel stated to Brigid  “When a man’s partner is killed, he’s supposed to do something about it. It doesn’t make any difference what you thought of him.” This shows that Spade is loyal to his former partner Miles, and that he won’t let a deceiving woman in Brigid get in the way of the detective work he did in order to find out who caused the murders to occur. Spade is the type of person who doesn’t trust anyone because he know’s how deceiving people can be. Spade always keeps his eyes on the prize regardless of what new conflicts pop up. It can be very easy to fall for Brigid’s tricks, however Spade knows better than that. After catching Brigid in a lot of lies he knows what type of woman she is.  Sam Spade didn’t let Brigid’s lies get in the way of the task he was going to complete. Brigid O’Shaughnessy is the type of female that gets what she wants using her looks. Brigid is the character that Hammett uses to really push forward the plot. Every time Brigid is involved in the novel it’s a “tool” Dashiell Hammett uses to make the plotline more interesting because every time Brigid pops up she impacts the plotline drastically. In the beginning of the novel Brigid entered spade office and this quote was stated “A young woman came through the doorway. She advanced slowly, with tentative steps, looking at Spade with cobalt-blue eyes that were both shy and probing.” This is an example of how Brigid uses her beauty to get what she wants. It clearly worked as Archer fell in love with her looks. Brigid always wants something so the way she gets it is obviously using her charm. Even though Spade might be falling for how Brigid looks, Spade is too smart to fall for her schemes. Brigid is very smart when it comes to lieing. She can tie in front of Spade, but when Spade knew she committed the murder the lieing had to stop. Spade confronted her and that’s when Brigid’s character fell through. Brigid had to confess to the murders and she explained herself. She killed Archer because she hoped he would scare Thursby and when it didn’t work she killed Archer. She planned to put the murder on Thursby, however Wilmer killed Thursby so Brigid’s “genius” murder plan fell through. Spade outsmarted Brigid which is what he did with Gutman as well. When Casper Gutman is introduced he is referred to as “fat man”. It is later revealed that he is a very rich man and it is evident throughout the novel that he really wants to obtain the black bird. He asks Spade for help in retrieving the bird and offers him two different scenarios, money wise, if he can give it to him. Gutman stated ” Seventeen years I’ve wanted that little item and I’ve been trying to get it.” This shows exactly how obsessed Gutman was with the black bird. Gutman made it very clear to Spade what his intentions are. He wants the black bird so Spade can understand Gutman’s intentions.The bird truly was important part of the story and Gutman was a character that really impacted the novel. This is very clever by Dashiell Hammett to introduce Casper Gutman because this is another character that furthers the understanding of the plot line. Spade now has to not only worry about who killed who, but also finding the black bird and deciding what he should do with it, as he doesn’t trust what Gutman says. Gutman could have easily been introduced in the exposition, but due to Hammett’s originality and his use of Freytag’s plot chart, he decided to wait to introduce Gutman. This really impacted the plotline as it gave Spade a lot more things to worry about. Gutman is crucial to this novel and is a prime example of the cleverness Hammett expressed when adding Gutman in the part that he was added. The Maltese Falcon  is a very well crafted book due to the author, Dashiell Hammett and his ability to use Freytag’s plot chart and put his own twist on it. Although Hammett used the plot chart, he did it in a way that seems to be different, but the way he set up the characters and plot it blended in perfectly. By introducing characters like Gutman towards the climax of the novel, it enhances the plotline as Spade now has to focus on more than one conflict. The use of Brigid O’Shaugnessy was very creative as she was almost used as a tool in Hammett’s writing. Everytime she was introduced she impacted the plotline drastically. Most importantly was the use of Sam Spade. The novel really revolved around Sam Spade and his detective work involving the murders and also the black bird. Dashiell Hammett was creative in the way he wrote the climax and falling action as it enhanced the drama towards the end of the novel. The use of Freytag’s was remarkable and the way Hammett put his own creative twist on the setup of the novel made the Maltese Falcon an astonishing novel.


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