The Transfer of Training


Transfer of training is not a new concept but has been there as long as human beings have worked. It can be defined as the ability of an individual or trainees to apply the acquired skills, knowledge as well as behavior in different situations. It could also be termed as the degree to which trainees put into practice (in jobs) the attitudes, behaviors, skills and knowledge they acquired through training.

This is a very crucial aspect that should be enhanced for an organization to prosper through making good use of the potential possessed by employees for the purpose of achieving success and profitability (Broad, 2005). This piece of work looks at the concept of transfer of training with much emphasis being given to the factors that play a role in the success of the process and the challenges involved.

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Transfer of Training

The process of transfer of training is complex but essential and should therefore be handled with a lot of concern since it determines the performance of employees in an organization to a very great extent. There are various factors that determine the degree of success of the process of transfer of training, some of them being; training design, the characteristics of individual trainee as well as environmental and situation in which training and transfer takes place.

Training design and trainee characteristics usually have a direct impact while the context of training and transfer usually affect the process in a rather indirect manner. An effective training design facilitates transfer of training and vice versa. The training design can be made effective by making sure that the training programs are in line with an organization’s goals and objectives.

The trainee’s learning outcomes should also be clearly stipulated in accordance to workplace expectations. Characteristic of individual participants could be enhanced through effective training, selection as well as induction into an organization which enhance adaptability. The workplace environment should always foster transfer of training. The training environment should be in line with the workplace environment to avoid conflict that may hinder smooth transfer of training (Koster, 2007).

Transfer of Training: Challenges

The process of transfer of training is not usually smooth but rather faced with some challenges, which should be handled to make it a success. Some of the challenges associated with transfer of training include; negative attitudes of the trainees where they are not ready/ confident to easily apply what they have learnt, conflicting working environments where the work place policies are quite different from what was taught during training and poor policies that do not foster smooth transfer of training.

Some of the ways through which the challenges can be eliminated include stipulating clear procedures, roles and responsibilities during training, provision of aids on the job, enhancing communication, engaging the new employees in the organizations activities to motivate them to apply their skills and provision of incentives to encourage hard work and better performance (Holton and Baldwin, 2003).


It is evident that the process of transfer of training is very crucial and its success determines an individual’s progress and hence that of the organization at large. It is therefore advisable that every effort is taken so as to ensure that trainees are able to put what they have acquired through training programs into practice in an effective manner as this have a stake in determining the performance of the trainees in the organization even in future.

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