The Value of a Product

The main product offered by Columbus Technical College is the various courses that students enroll in trying to develop their careers. As a student, one stands to benefit enormously by enrolling at Columbus Technical College, in comparison to other colleges in the state. The college charges modest fees and the education one gets is a value for money.

Columbus Technical College has a wide range of courses that one can choose from to suit the future career needs of different students. The courses are extremely flexible with numerous selections and majors.

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In addition, students have the opportunity to attend different courses. They even have an opportunity to switch courses. Moreover, a student can enroll either on a fulltime basis or as a part-time student. Besides, students have the option to easily switch from full time students to part time students and vice versa, with very minimal restrictions. One only has to inform the relevant coordinators of the courses after filling in an online form.

There is also a wide range of scholarships available to a student. For example, there are scholarships for those football and athletics, as well as for students who excel in academics. A student is not limited to applying for only one type of scholarship, but can apply for as many scholarships as possible, as long as he/she meets all the requirements. The scholarships can cover all the tuition, including other living expenses, or it could be partial, covering only part of the tuition.

There is also the benefit for a student to apply for a number of part time jobs in the college; this would be an extra source of income. The income can complement the tuition fee or their pocket money. Besides, the college has a student’s welfare organization which looks after the welfare of the students; it is the same organization which also assists the students to secure a part time job in the college an even outside campus.

The internship program is aimed at imparting useful skills to the students, in addition, it increase their chances to get employed once they leave college. This program is very popular among all the final year students. This where I find Columbus Technical College to be quite different compared with other colleges in the state.

Classes at the Columbus Technical College have a very small number of students. As such, students always get personal attention from the lecturers; this enhances learning and ensures that all students get all the information delivered by the lecturers. There are numerous tutorials which complement the lectures and ensure that students participate in the learning process, thereby leading to better performance at the final year exams.

The courses offered at Columbus Technical College are not only less costly, but also relevant to the job market. Besides, the college offers lifelong skills that are useful to a student’s life even after college. The product can be made better if college works in cooperation with the business community to develop courses which address the current industry requirements. Consumers will always seek value for their money and thus, are willing to pay a higher price for a product, as long as its quality is guaranteed.


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