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The evolution of music has been changing since the beginning of time. From the piano and orchestra to hip hop and rap. We go from explaining how we feel in instrumental musicals  to explaining our feeling in words and in beats. Music has went from recording in studios to recording in basements. To recording on big machines to being able to record on your laptop. From making vague edits to making so many edits that it sounds fake. I’m going to take you back on some oldies music.
     Scott Joplin. Back than music was different. The famous people were usually pianist. Born in 1860 Scott Joplin started the piano as a young boy. He eventually started traveling as a teen to bring his music to others. His music was known as “Ragtime.” His full childhood isn’t known to this day. Nobody knows where he was born or grew up. An estimated guess is between Arkansas and Texas. His whole family was to be known as a “musical family.” As a young boy he took on the piano and the guitar but strived the piano. He didn’t grow up with much help. But soon his talent was shown to German music teacher Julius Wiss. The teacher gave Scott more tips on how to be better. He played in bars and dance halls, he introduced this ragtime to the “music revolution. This had many different rhythms. He lived in Sedalia, Missouri in the 1880’s in 1893 he moved with a band to Chicago. He confronted the World fair. later on he found his place and stayed in Sedalia. He took his famous Waltzes with him. “Please say you will” and “A picture on her face.” These than went on to be his first two published songs. 
      College back than wasn’t easy. He went to “Sedalia’a Georgie R. Smith College for Negroes.” He didn’t only study he also worked very hard. During this time period which is estimated to the late 1890’s Scott worked as a teacher and a mentor to other musicians also pursing to be “Ragtime” artist. In the making he was produced the “Original Rags” he had to share credit with another person. Joplin had to keep his career safe so he signed with a lawyer to get the same amount of credit. In little to no time Scott than came up with “The Maple Leaf Rag” this was with the help of John stark. Another of his big accomplishments was moving to New York and working if a secure funding for an opera he made. This name is long so be prepared. “TREMONISHAAA.” A precursor to George Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess, Treemonisha was presented in 1915 as scaled down production with voice and piano, but would not receive a full stage for years to come. TO Scott’s disappointment his opera wasn’t to become big anytime soon. Scott became very big after this. He worked on various musical reforms and brought many Ragtimes to the table. He made a big difference in the types of piano musics you can play. I decided to compare Scott Joplin to Lil Uzi. They both grew up black. But both had many different views of music. I think they both make a major impact because they decide to be different and follow both different paths of music. I think Scott Joplin made a difference in music because he didn’t stick to the same thing he expanded his music to wider and different points of view.


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