The Way to Wild Place and Back to Civilization

A lot of different dictionaries and country-specific information is available for modern people. But, this data has been written on the basis of the expeditions and research which have been very popular in the world several centuries ago.

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark are the researches who managed to conduct a land expedition, going to the dangerous and unpredicted Pacific Northwest with the goal to search for the marine connections for commercial purposes and returned to the civilized world safe and sound with the specific knowledge which has become the basis for writing the journal and the reason for West expansion.

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The expedition to the Pacific Northwest was considered to be exciting as the unknown land was going to be explored. The first words which were heart from Clark when the expedition reached the Pacific Ocean was “Ocian in view! O! the joy”[1]. The view was magnificent.

Reading the book, it dwells upon the geographical and social peculiarities which were strange for people who got used to civilization. Having a purpose to consider the ways for commerce, Lewis and Clark tried to note all the facts they faced or found out.

Even the remark “a verry large wolf came to bank and looked at us this morning”[2] form 30th June 1804 attracts our attention. The book is a description of life of two captains and their crew in the unknown and strange land, full of surprises and unexpected issues.

Those who may think that the way to the Pacific Ocean looked like the adventure free from different dangers are mistaken, as to penetrate the continent of North America at the beginning of the 19th century was very dangerous. The crew got used to the civilization, and they were brought to the place which can be described by one word – wild.

Lewis and Clark were lucky to visit such tribes as Mandan, Clatsop and Shoshone and remain alive. The territory of the Pacific Northwest was inhabited by the Indians whose main activity was hunting. Clark and Lewis mentioned Indians many times.

In conclusion, it should be stated that the letter from Lewis where he reports about their journey to the Pacific Ocean and the opportunity to read these notes show that the expedition was successful and everybody returned safe and sound.

The expedition achieved the stated objectives to research the marine ways for trade and contributed to the history of American exploration. Having conducted an expedition by land, Clark and Lewis managed to consider the way of life those lands led which helps us understand the main history of the region and why their live now in such a way.


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