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This article was written by Rachel Ehmke, this article was about how the social media affect to the teenagers. It tell us how the world are changing by accepting more of the technology in our daily life which may cause the huge affect later on. The article divided into three main part which talking about what is the problem that social media cause and affect to the teenage. How teenage react to the social media and how can the parent avoid this problem. First of all the problem that social cause in teenager is it causing the anxiety and lower self esteem. They say that now teenager always focus on the social media in every part of their daily life. Lead to less communicate to the real person because we can message through the phone and not even to speak to each other. Become our habit that will cause the problem later, this may support the lack of conversation or even low self esteem. It will be harder for some teenage to make friend by talking to each other because they never talk to the person in front instead of talking through the screen of phone. The way teenage react to the social media is also become a problem, they think that internet is the place that they can express out what they can have or do in real life. Example like how to make them self become who they want not who they are on the internet by showing only the side they want to show to the internet world. This can cause anxiety to them, they may focusing on how can they become more better and better every they in the social. Which is hard for being who you want not who you are. What can parent do is become a good example by not using electronic device in front of them, having more family time without phone and decrease the using of social media for the teenage. Not only asking the to stop using it parent need to also support and let them know how parent are ready to support them in every way.In Conclusion, Social media support anxiety and low self esteem. It make the teenage having less communication with real person, maybe this make them feel uncomfortable to talk with the real person and expression which different when messaging through the phone and lead to the low self esteem because they feel like they can really express to the real person. It also make the feel anxiety from trying to making them looking good on the social media by becoming the one who they want to be not who they really are. To avoid this problem parent may support and talk to them and parent need to become a good example by not being influence of teenager to use social med