Three advantages of regulatory oversight for Gardasil to the health care provider

I. Acts as a good source of financial returns to health care providers

The idea of Gardasil reveals importance of information and data sharing amongst regulatory authorities. There is higher percentage of individuals going for the vaccine; mothers encourage their daughters to go for the vaccine in order to escape the possibility of developing cervical cancer in future. This yields good returns to health care providers since they generate a lot of money out of such ignorance. Therefore, oversight of regulatory on Gardasil vaccine seems to be concerned more on marketing and influence than on the scientific effectiveness of the vaccine (Erickson, 2011).

II. It gives the health care providers the benefits of prescribing drug coverage to many individuals

Gardasil vaccine has been marketed for a long time as one of the vaccines having the capability of preventing cervical cancer. However, an oversight was discovered in assessing its efficacy. The vaccine is considered as one of the primary treatment against cervical cancer instead of being one of the intervening vaccines against sexually transmitted diseases. Gardasil vaccine can only sustain not more than four years clinical trial, this makes it unsuitable for use in the prevention of cervical cancer which develops within longer periods of time (Erickson, 2011).

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Concerning the above, health care providers gain the benefits of prescribing drug coverage and emergency care services. This is since Gardasil vaccine serves only a small percentage on the purposes of preventive care. Patients are eligible to visit any participating doctor or medical specialist for further direction on the use of Gardasil vaccine. This means that payments are made to individual care givers for the purposes of consultation. If they choose to deal with outside health care providers, they still benefit but at higher share cost (Erickson, 2011).

III. The health care providers have the advantage of administering the vaccine to women including young children who are not yet sexually active

There is also the concept of risk-benefit balance which cannot change regarding Gardasil vaccine; this is attributed to insufficient information given about the drug. Vaccines are usually administered not to sick but healthy persons for prevention purposes.

This makes it clear that the levels of uncertainity from the drug are expected to be minimal, hence presenting low level of risks to individuals. This is one of the ways through which health care providers benefit since they understand that though the vaccine might not be of greater benefit, its side effects on individuals can be tolerated (Milenkovic, 2004).

Gardasil vaccine is administered against sexually transmitted diseases to even young children, an idea that is generally considered unwise. This age group of less than twelve years is most likely targeted for the purposes of the spreading phobia on the dangers of the disease, and at the same time maximizing on vaccine sales.

All these activities surrounding the vaccine are not in any way scientifically valid. Administering the vaccine on young children has not been approved compared to other age groups; this is because cervical cancer is only prevalent amongst sexually active adults.

Gardasil vaccine is meant to prevent cervical cancer in women, however the current statistics also reveal that the disease is already uncommon in women, at the same time vaccines more effective than Gardasil are already present within the market. However, Gardasil presents health care providers with alternative means that is cheaper (Ayoub, 2003).

The oversight by regulatory agencies makes majority of the adult women to fall candidates of Gardasil vaccination, this is since women are encouraged to go for vaccination before HPV infection is established. This oversight has however led to breaking of moral rules safeguarding the field on healthcare, since health care providers consider the vaccine good idea even before undergoing efficacy tests (Ayoub, 2003).


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