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Toilet paper holders is Not the most glamorous topic but you may be surprised how diverse these product lines are. This article will focus on Toilet Paper STANDS instead of the more common wall mounted types,specifically  those stand alone’s which can bring a decorative element to your bathroom. So here’s my case for  choosing a toilet paper stand.Why you should pick a Free Standing Toilet Paper Stand Instead of the more common wall mounted bathroom accessory, choosing a tp stand holder will be a time saver and easier installation, by eliminating the need to drill holes into your restroom wall. No need to ruin a perfectly good tile  or dig into your drywall when a simple unboxing gets  your toilet paper on a functional holder in a fraction of time compared to the conventional wall mounted type.. Most stands come already pre assembled or at most a quick twisting of the pole intoto the weighted base. If you have a small restroom or limited closet space a holder with a storage unit can be a nice functional accessory. A point to be aware of is that some storage units only accommodate single rolls, so it is important to inquire on storage size for those rolls bigger than single rolls. A free standing holder also provides the option of movement. A fixed wall mounted holder is  static so the right location for one adult may be a difficult  reach for a small child. Points to consider when choosing the right holderA common issue with some toilet paper stands is they are wobly or tip over. To minimize the chance of this go a holder weight 3 to 5 lbs with a solid base to avoid tipping over. Wobly stands seem to be an issue for ones with a base width less than 6″. A stand with a 6″+ width will lessen this problem. Another common concern is rustin of the stands in a humid bathroom enviorement. Choosing a holder with a material of finish of stainless steel or brass have rust fighting characteristics to fend of this issue