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TPS Removal Hits Close To HomeTps is being removed from salvadorans with only a 18 months preparation givenJohana Sosa, ImmigrationJanuary 12, 2018Rockville- In January, Montgomery County along with the entire nation heard the decision of the Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen.On her announcement to terminate the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) given as humanitarian aid to El Salvador citizens due to devastating earthquakes that struck their country in 2001. According to the Web site of the Department of Homeland Security, the secretary “determined that the original conditions caused by the 2001 earthquakes no longer exist.” Therefore 18 months will be given to allow these individuals to prepare themselves. The United States currently provides TPS to over 300,000 foreign nations and the estimated amount of Salvadorans TPS holders is 195,000. Making them the largest group. Honduras comes in second with an estimate of 57,000.Maryland is home to the fourth-largest community of Salvadorans with TPS in the nation, According to the New York-based Center for Migration Studies. An estimate of about 20,000 people which reside in Montgomery County or Prince George’s County.According to Louis Beider this decision will not only impact the whole nation but Maryland’s economy and population statistics will also be affected. “Maryland could be affected because it would lose a lot of its population, but if courts stops it maybe we’ll be okay for now. It wasn’t a economically wise decision because there are so many Salvadorans here, they buy a lot of things and they also contribute to the economy by the way.So the economy would get a huge large dent from this.”Louis said he hopes that the government allows the TPS holders to stay and block the Secretary of Homeland Security decision because even though it was a temporal grant, they cannot just now kick them out.Since they been here for so long. According to junior Anderson Gudiel the TPS has open many opportunities for many Salvadorans. Policies/humanitarian aid like this allows these individuals to be able to prosper and establish themselves. “As a son of immigrants I can tell you that I truly appreciate policies like this one. Without them my parents would have not had the opportunity to prosper and live a life completely different from what they had in their country.”Gudiel acknowledge the phrases of some individuals supporting the decision claiming “it would give american jobs back.” by replying that is completely irrelevant and it’s a claimed by people who lost their jobs and are looking for someone to point their fingers at.”It also carries an underlying amount of xenophobia that is increasing in this country.Which makes no absolutely no sense to me. As this is the land of opportunity that everyone immigrated to at one point.Unless you’re a native american, even then native americans migrated to the americas.”After hearing this decision Alba Gonzalez couldn’t comprehend why there were individuals who think this is a good thing.”Taking away the TPS now isn’t morally right, among of these people from central america are women and children. Who may have no shelter to arrive to when they return to their native land. Most of these countries are being run by corrupt governments or are gang affiliated.”According to Gonzalez the government should have on their conscious the future life that these individuals will face in their countries when they are sent back.The government will be forcing these people to return to their countries. Countries in which the governments is corrupt or have dangerous situation where they can die tragically.Toward the end of the interviewed when asked what advice they would give, to any individuals who is currently under this situation Louis Beider and Alba Gonzalez stated,”Whatever happens just be strong, Know that many others are battling with this just like you are.You are not alone. Many others in this country don’t agree with the decision and will push to get TPS holder a chance to stay and find a positive solution. Just do not give up hope.”