TYPES These are large stores which offer a


Department stores:

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These are large stores which offer
a wide variety of products to its customers. They usually have categories with
assortments for its customers. Their products are average priced and offer considerable
customer service. They can often act as availability multiple specialty stores
under one roof.


*soft and hard products?*



stores offer a wide range of products and services. They compete with other
types of retailers mainly on the basis of price. They offer their customers a
large variety of products at economic and cut-rate prices. However, they lack
proper service and offer less fashionable brands.


General Merchandise Stores:

General merchandise stores acts as
a mix of both departmental stores and discount stores offering both their pros
and cons.



They are mostly food oriented
retailers. However, they may offer other array of good too.


Warehouse stores:

Warehouses often acts as a
retailer by offering products at low prices but on a high quantity basis. The
warehouse clubs, however, may charge membership fee from its customers.


Variety Stores:

These types of retailers do not
offer a wide range of selections. Nevertheless, the limited selections are of
low cost. They are also known as “Dollar stores”.



Demographic retailers target a
segment of society as the customers. They usually cater to the needs and wants
of that target segment group and offer goods that satify their needs.



Mom-And-Pop Stores:

These retailers are commonly known
as Kiraana stores.They offer very selective products in limited quantity.
Almost every local community has a kiraana store to fulfil their daily needs.
These are usually individually owned and operated family business. They do not
have a fixed store size.


Specialty Stores:

These retailers focus their goods
and service towards a particular category and specializes service in the same.
Branded stores are a type of specialty retailers as they provide everything of
that particular brand under one roof. Since, they do not have to deal with a
various categories of goods, they offer a high level of customer service.

*not giving examples*

Convenience stores:

Convenience Stores are true to
their name on the basis of service they provide. They are usually present in
residential areas, and are ideal for immediate purchases. They also allow
speedy checkout processes. However, the products they offer are limited and
more than average priced.


Hypermarkets offer wide array and
huge volumes of goods and services to its customers at low costs. Also, their
operating costs are lower than other types of retailers.


Supermarkets are types of
retailers that operate on the self service principle. They may adopt a Hi-Lo or an EDLP strategy for pricing. They
usually deal with food products but may also have a non-food category. Stores
ranging from 20,000 sq.ft. to 40,000 sq.ft. usually comes under supermarkets.


Malls usually have different
retail stores under one roof. They provide wide range of good from electronics
to food products. They also provide entertainment service.

Category Killers:

Often a retailer provides a wide
variety of products in a single category at prices lower than other retailers.
This kind of retailing ‘kills’ that category for other retailers in the area. The
retailer places the products in a way to make it accessible to the customers
and the retail personnel clears all queries regarding the product. The ‘killer’
retailer creates low price for the customers and provides greater cutomer
service.. However, to operate in the area same as the killer retailer, other
retailers have to drop their prices too. Category Killer retailers are also
known as Category Specialists.


This type of retail is gaining
popularity. The customers shop online and the goods are delivered at their
desired place. The retailers use a “drop shipping technique”. The
customer makes the payment to the retailers, but the product is provided directly
by the manufacturers or wholesalers. This type of retail is ideal for people
who do not have the time to visit other format of retailers or prefer to stay
at home. However, customers should be conscious of product quality and
e-payment methods.

Vending Machines:

Vending Machines are automated
equipments where customers avail their products by dropping money into the
machine. They usually deal with consummable products.


Other Retailers:

Automated Retail

These operate on the
self service principles. They are the robotic kiosks which accept plastic money
and are open round the clock. They can be usually found at airports or malls.

Big Box Stores:

They comprise of
various retail stores like departmental stores, discount stores, general
merchandise and warehouse stores.

Convenience  Stores:

These are small
roadside stores that are open till late hours. They usually have to re-stock
everyday and provide roadside items.

General Store:

These types of retail
stores  are usually seen in rural areas
selling necessity goods.


Retailers may choose to
go for any format of retail  stores as each
provides a different reytail experience to its customers based on their
demographics, lifestyle and purchasing behaviour.

A good retail format
would allow proper display of products that could attract the customers to make
a purchase.


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