Unemployment themselves in crimes and went into deep

Unemployment is an
economic term which shows an inability to find work. A person who has no job to
earn his livelihood is known too an unemployed person. The jobless state of a person
is known as unemployment. Unemployment is a worldwide curse. It encourages
dishonesty, corruption and falsehood. It develops dark side of human character. Unemployment also present among the
educated people. This is very dangerous in its results.

De?ning unemployment in
a speci?c context

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Unemployment is basically a situation of the people who are willing to
have a job but could not get according to the requirement and qualifications. It
is a worldwide curse. This is also known as mother of courtliness ills. it
therefore encourages dishonesty, falsehood and corruption. It sometimes
highlights the darker side of human character.

Thesis statement

major problem in the world is facing today is unemployment. the ratio is
increasing day by day, it also takes lot of crimes along with it. Pakistan and
Asian country has many problems mainly due to unemployment. people are highly
talented and hardworking but still they are not taken into account or valued
therefore due to these reasons many engineers, doctors, scientist, technicians
travel in foreign countries for earn in livelihood. Unemployment is the reasons
of downfall of a country in terms of its economical situation and also
encourages the crimes in the society.


supporting premise

Due to unemployment
people are forced to take wrong decisions for the survival of themselves and
their families. Some of them engage themselves in crimes and went into deep
mental depression.

claim with an analogy

Therefore hazardous
result can also force a person to commit suicide due to poor financial
condition of family to unemployment.


opposing premise:

is fully aware of this problem but the quick remedies are needed to work on
this problem. Education
is the only key to change and progress therefore educational system must be
stabilized .youth belonging to elites or non-elites should be given good
education which can lead system to reform. Industrialization should be
developed in country that would lead to employment opportunities for the youths
by contributing stability to the country.

to opposing argument

The social
system of country should be revised. Skilled person should be training people
so that cities should not be overcrowded which usually result in unemployment
and they can serve their family well. Worst education system happening must be
completely overhauled. There is a need to take advantage from science and
technology for the cure of this problem.
Majority of family members are dependents and trend has given rise to



Second supporting

Unemployment people are
always dangerous to the nation.. There are many causes of unemployment like
poverty (poverty is the main cause of this problem it is a very dangerous to
the nation), overpopulation (with growing population this problem has also
developed) and ineffective education system.


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