United States House of Representatives


In comparing and contrasting two house of representative members in the state of Pennsylvania, there are two members whose contributions to their respective districts and to the state are significant. Thompson Glen and Mike Kelly have the experience to work with people across all age groups and gender.

In this regard, they strive to improve economic growth through formulation of policies and implementation of programs to this regard. They have developed various approaches in their service to the people. Like their counterparts in the House of Representatives, they have experiences and their share of criticism. But, that has not deterred their commitment to serve the people of Pennsylvania.

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Personal backgrounds and Districts

Mike Kelly is the U.S representative for Pennsylvania’s third District. Mike is sixty three years old, a former Butler City Council member. He attended University of Notre Dame on a football scholarship but left because of injury (Cabalena). A car dealer by profession, he is a newcomer elected on the republican platform.

Kelly Mike committees’ projects include Education and the Workforce, Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Government Reform. Thompson Glen, who is fifty two years old, is also a republican representing the fifth district in his second term in office. Thompson attended both Pennsylvania State University and Temple University. Thompson Glen is involved with Agriculture, Education and the Workforce, and the Natural Resources committee (Cabalena).

Thompson Glen has the reputation of a hardworking representative and a down-to-earth lawmaker. Thompson represents the largest district in Pennsylvania, the 5th Congressional District.

As noted in Centre For Responsive Politics, it has a population of 646,397 where 96.5% of this are whites, 1.1% are Asian 0.8%, Hispanic 1.3% Black and 0.2% are Native Americans (Centre For Responsive Politics). Its Median income is $33,254.In 2010, Thompson won the elections gaining 125,740 votes 68.6 % of the total 182,972 votes. His victory is attributed to the grassroots campaigns.

On the other hand, Mike is a newcomer as the 3rd district representative which has a population of 646,311. This represented as 94.4% are white, 0.5% are Asian, 3.5% Black, 1.3% Hispanic, 0.1% are Native Americans and 0.1% others. Its Median income is $35,884. Mike gained 109,909 votes which was 55.7% of all votes against Democrat Kathy Dahlkemper in the 2010 elections (Politicians and Elections).

The 3rd district has an approximately 88% high school graduates, while for Bachelor’s degree or higher graduates range around 26% as the 5th district high school drops – out is around 15% making graduates range at around 85%, for Bachelor’s degree is around 19% (Centre For Responsive Politics).

Legislation and Responsibilities

Mike has sponsored these legislation among others: State and Local Funding Flexibility Act, Empowering Parents through Quality Charter Schools Act, Setting New Priorities in Education Spending Act, Family Health Care Accessibility Act of 2011, Congressional Retirement Age Act of 2011, Congressional Retirement Age Act of 2011, Referred to House committee, House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

While Thompson sponsored bills like Educating Entrepreneurs through Today’s Technology Act, Tax Relief Certainty Act, Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act, Amendment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to modify special rules relating to coverage of abortion services under such Act.

Unlike Mike Kelly who is a newcomer, Thompson Glen won his second two-year term with 68 percent of the vote. In his first term he voted 93percent with his republican party but he voted with Democrats on several issues, like children’s health insurance reauthorization, federally funded community service and volunteer programs.

This has brought criticism on him from his party members. With his background as a therapist, he believes health care should be expanded for veterans and service members. He proposed an amendment on health policy to aid medical providers to provide and treat patients using the telephone and the internet.

According to the Centre For Responsive Politics, Mike Kelly is serving in his first term. He is a strong advocate of government, cutting cost on its spending by removing duplicate programs, which are not necessary. In doing so, the committee on Government Oversight and Government Reform Committee which he serves on have not been spared from criticism (Centre For Responsive Politics).

His background as a businessman plays a major role in his contributions in the lower chamber to advocate for practical ways of budgeting in an effort to reduce taxpayers’ burden. Although most newcomers to the political arena are assigned to serve in two committees, he serves in three of them. In comparing and contrasting the roles of these two representatives, it is important to identify their

Values, and beliefs on different issues that include education, job creation, trade, natural resources and government spending. In addition, they have the duty to understand the roles they play to represent the people of Pennsylvania in the representative committees they serve in.

Thompson Glen and Mike Kelly on Issues

Both have had a lot of experiences working with youth in the Pennsylvania state despite, their ages in the attempt to reach out to all their constituents. Thompson’s appointment to the House Committee on Education and Workforce in 2008 was as a result of his experience to work with young people. Previously, he served as a member of the Bald Eagle Area School Board as well as a past vice-chair of the private industry council of the Central Corridor, a volunteer fire fighter and as a scoutmaster.

As noted by US Census Bureau, Thompson has been at the forefront advocating for students’ education as a future investment (US Census Bureau). He serves on the Higher Education committee and a vigorous supporter of inclusive education that advocates the pursuit for both science and arts. In the lower chamber he has been aggressively advocating for a sustainable economic growth and job creation (US Census Bureau).

Therefore, the nation should focus on retooling the education system towards a positive transition to the workforce. Thompson also supports school voucher system that allows parents or guardians to send their children to any schools. Thompson, like Kelly, believes that the federal government has a significant role to play in not only policies but also public education funding and other program.

U.S. Representative Mike Kelly is also very vocal on the importance of education for all including funding both urban and rural school districts. His funding formula by the federal government which should be inclusive, away from the current structures that advocate funding for largest school districts and instead, redirect resources to smaller urban and rural district schools to improve education, especially, for disadvantaged students.

Job Creation and Trade

As a businessman, Kelly’s concerns on cutting jobs are justified. Trade polices should impact positively on the ability for American businessmen to compete in the global market with other international trading partners.

According to Centre For Responsive Politics, Mike Kelly as the vice-Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, is mandated to spearhead policy formulation (Centre For Responsive Politics). These include focusing on trade and security-related policies that impact on U.S. and the region including the Asia-Pacific region.

It includes the enforcement of good global partnership. In the efforts to advance stability and security throughout the region, there is greater access, meaning job creation and increased exports. They both attempt to overcome economic challenges that throughout history have been contributing factors that have continued to compromise the nation’s future. This is through formulation of policies and programs that encourage job creation a major factor to economical growth. .

Natural Resources

According to both Thompson and Kelly, improving existing natural resources an important feature. Simply, because in Pennsylvania has a history with management and conservation of its natural resources, which is a crucial aspect to its growth. These natural resources include the Allegheny National Forest; Pennsylvania’s only national forest, the Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Play and agriculture (Pennsylvania Politics).

Although Kelly has voted with his Republican party on many issues on energy and agriculture, they have proved productive and to the advantage of his own state. Although, they both serve in different committees they share a sense of commitment to serve the state of Pennsylvania, and have been very vocal on issues in the lower chamber.

According to US Census Bureau Congressman Thompson has over three decades of experience as a community leader this has been instrumental in his contribution to the agriculture committee which Pennsylvania is very significant to the rural industry. Its jurisdiction is over agriculture-related fields that include forestry, resource and water conservation, agriculture and nutrition (US Census Bureau).

Pennsylvania has a long history with the timber industry; therefore, need to identify proper timber harvesting mechanisms that recognize water and resource conservation. Glen’s office has been instrumental in obtaining loans and grants for the community by working with the constituents, community based organizations and the local governments.

He believes in supporting appropriate legislation which is responsible for the expansion of alternative and renewable forms of energy, increase conservation to increase energy efficiency and supply as a way of saving the consumer both money energy. On the contrary, Kelly believes the solution to the energy dependence is for congress to put in place policies that encourage the development of natural gas and coal. Another way is also to concentrate on emerging industries, like the shale industry to provide affordable energy to all citizens.

Government spending

Most freshmen Congressmen assignments to committees involve serving on the third committee of Government Oversight and Government Reform Committee. They have strong belief in the need for the government to reduce spending. This committee has been accused of duplicating programs that contribute to wasting taxpayers’ money, who are already overstretched.

In reversing the accumulated staggering national debt, the United States good business sense is required. To create employment, a conducive entrepreneur’s environment is necessary. Glen’s approach is to give every opportunity for effective and healthy competition in the work.

Contributors and the Role of the Media

The top contributors in Mike Kelly’s campaign include Honey International, National Community Action Foundation, Alpha Natural Resources, and Automotive Free International Trade PAC. Glen Thompson’s received 68 percent ($165,403) of his contributions from individuals; PAC contributed 32 percent amounting to $78,600.

Pennsylvania Politics notes that the media is an integral part of the electoral process. Social media are interactive reaching to more constitute (Pennsylvania Politics). Simply because they are friend- driven, emails, blogs, tweets, and digital public spaces are powerful means of obtaining public opinions.

Mike Kelly and Thompson Glen recognized that during their respective campaigns is effective in connecting with the voters. Both Glen and Thompson’s campaigners used social network not only to fund raise but train volunteers (Pennsylvania Politics).


Thompson Glen and Mike Kelly, as representatives of the state of Pennsylvania, play major roles in the lower chamber. It is not only in their voting patterns but their strong belief and opinion that is evident in their proactive approaches in addressing positive change that impact economical growth in the entire nation.

Both congressmen acknowledge that for sustainable growth and relevance of the policies; accountability and flexibility are key factors. They only differ in their respective approaches on issues in their respective responsibilies. Their past involvement with the community makes both Kelly and Glen to easily relate more to the importance issues affecting ordinary citizens.

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