Visa-free Entry to all Countries


The use of visa to regulate entry from one country to another has been practiced for a very long time. This is because different countries have different laws and regulations regarding who should or should not enter their territorial boundaries. However, some countries have introduced visa free entry programs for various reasons. This paper briefly discusses the advantages of visa-free entry to all countries and how the same will be useful to people and governments.

Visa-free Entry

There are many types of visas provided by countries depending on purpose or intent of the person travelling to that country. It is great to imagine a world with visa-free entry to all countries. From the word go, this would certainly remove the bottle neck to global movement of people.

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It will be possible to move hustle free from one country to another. Application and checking of visa during movements causes a lot of time delay. Sometimes several visas may be required while travelling to a single destination. Doing away with visas would make the movement hustle free.

Most countries have water tight visa requirements which discourage free movement. Having visa free entry would allow free entry to countries for business people. This would create more business opportunities for them. The largest group to benefit would be tourists. This is based on the fact that many countries such as China offering visa free entry for tourists, are recording increased numbers of tourists (Xinhua 1). It would be possible for tourists to travel with ease to countries of their wish.

Visa application has many requirements and also requires payment. This is a great disadvantage to all the poor but bright students all over the world seeking to travel to other countries for higher education. Visa-free entry to all countries would be of great benefit to them. Wars and catastrophes happen abruptly without warning hence necessitating quick movement to other countries for safety. Visa-free entry to all countries will be a great relief to such situations.

Visa-free entry to all countries would also be of utmost benefit to governments. Governments will have to tighten their diplomatic ties and this will bring them together hence fostering peace and unity.

It can also be argued that, governments will benefit economically by collecting more taxes due to increased trading resulting from ease of movement. In addition, governments will record higher interaction of people from different cultures through tourism. This would bring more revenue and also increase cohesiveness between different countries.

For instance, Eurozone allows citizens from member countries to travel and stay on any Eurozone country without a visa. In return, governments of these countries realize more economic, political, social, cultural and diplomatic ties hence making them stronger. U.S also has a visa-free program with several countries and this program improves cooperation between U.S and these countries. It can be argued that the same may be replicated in all countries.


Visa-free entry to all countries is a great idea that can benefit both governments and people. People will greatly benefit from removal of Visa as a bottleneck to travel. Governments will greatly benefit from increased revenue from increased trade. Increased integration of people from different countries will foster cohesiveness, peace and unity hence increasing diplomatic ties between governments.

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