Website evaluation


Website refers to that Internet based system that facilitates exchange of communication from one party to another. This is a sector provides vital information and enables interactions through provision appropriate of conversation channel between individuals and enhances fast response between the involved parties.

A research conducted by various groups including the cyberspace of university of Arizona that website evaluation should includes how fast the website connection is, is it user friendly, easily accessible and transparency. This paper reviews these and other characteristics generally for website evaluation.

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Internet has become globally accepted and most of daily activities and services are provided for online. Therefore business entrepreneurs must ensure that their Webster will attract customers. This can only be achieved if their r website is interesting enough to attract a customer’s attention, inspire them to an extent that they can refer their friends to the Websites and purchase their product (Khosrowpour and Travers, 2004).

A motivational list has been developed to help in analyzing how motivational a website can be. There are numerous upcoming companies that are offering website evaluation e.g. webcam. When evaluating Websites; there are two major factors that are considered 1) content and 2) motivational quality. Content, it involves provision of valid information that is appropriate to the targeted group, accurate and credible information, up-to-date information which is logically organized and interesting, useful information and is free of jargon.

The instructions that form each website must be clear and concise. Motivational quality entails ease website accessibility, consistency of the normal navigation tools, easy way to retrieve information from the website (browsing) and should be linked to other related fields. Moreover, connection speed should be fast, and the user should be able to selectively choose and access the desired topic in more than one approach.

This paper uses Twin Cities, MN website as a model to enable us understand better website evaluation. Basically the key points that will look at in this web site include accessibility, usability, and website connection speed. To start with is the Websites subject is subjective, the theme is clear and at a glance one can tell that the web site is involved in weather forecast.

The website has a clear purpose, and the purpose is to provide the users with information concerning weather conditions. This is another characteristic of sound website. The Language used also is simple and clear; no use of jargon and ambiguous words that would make the users uncomfortable or leave them disillusioned. All the grammar used is easy and all directions given are accurate and precise.

The twin Cities website connection is very fast and the URL address correlates to the set html elements. The website is user-friendly it has guidelines and navigation tool that are appropriate and consistent and well established. Surely, the developer had specific target in the mind, these include tourist, captains and other group such farmers.


There are various concepts that are necessary to facilitate effective communication, these includes, coherence, clarity, concise- brief but informative description to explain the desired information, accuracy-exact and up-to-date information that is efficient, and selectivity-where the user has the option to choose only the desired part or information.

Website is very interactive and therefore stabling the appropriate links for the user, and richness of the text /information are very crucial aspect for all companies that have its services offered online.


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