Website Review:

The website structure of CIO has different sections. It has several links, which contains main sections and the subsections that are the backbone of the navigation system. They are carefully designed with few clicks to the main information – the main purpose of the website is to provide information for CIO’s and other IT professionals. The resources that cover related topics are grouped together, and it is easy to get back to the main page through side bars and home buttons.

CIO site is visually good because the first impression of a website is what attracts customers and determines whether they will go to the next click. There is good use of colour combination because it contains few colours that are unified.

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The text is easy to read as it has a good font size with black text and a white background, and the text to other links is blue and underscored. The page is appealing because it has some few graphics with high quality photography. It is simple and not overloaded with many designs because many graphics affects the download speed.

Additionally, the site is easy to use because it has valuable content, which is simple and well organized. Its loading speed is good and with minimal scroll. The menu items are few and placed on top of the page which makes it easy to navigate. The useful information include applications, careers, cloud computing, data center, security, and outsourcing, which are essential to any IT professional.

The screen is comfortable to use because you do not have to scroll to the right or to the left and its quick to download. The webpage content such as news is interesting to read and to the point.

The site contains templates and the contents in the website are related to the subject matter. The website is properly interwoven because there are few clicks to the next information from the index page and all the links are active. For instance, solution centers and events are the interesting links to follow because they provide current information and events in the IT field. Likewise, has a search box that helps a visitor to find information of interest by writing on it and then clicking on the search button. has slide shows that can be played on a play button with voice and images. The visitor is able to get the information when played on a media player. It has links to other sites like Twitter and Facebook where one can see updates or communicate with the organizations staff and resource centers such as customer support software. Contact details give the visitor information on how to contact the organization or specific persons in the organization.

Also, the design of the website has an attractive layout because the combination of colour contrasts well and the text is in good size for the readers. Its design is simple and professional and it is not overcrowded. The speed for gaining access to the website is good because there are few graphics. Moreover, the menu is displayed well using buttons and tabs that lead to other sections, which makes the search simple.

Similarly, the website provides clear information about the company, its products and services. It enables a user to get news about a certain subject. It’s written in an informative way and has history about the company and its destination. It gives events, jobs available and solution centers.

Therefore, having a good website means making a good sale compared to when the websites’ construction is poor. Nelson (2007) affirms that a good website promotes a company or organization and the best way to make sure that the website is good is looking at other sites and taking the best designs and any other important information.

In essence, reviewing is related to the learning objectives because it provides knowledge on good website structure and design. Moreover, the audience is the key factor in the success of any website.


Bates, N. (2007). Simple Steps to Successful Websites. New York: Elsevier, Academic Press.


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