Weight Loss Alternatives


Since the onset of this century, one of the most prevalent problems that has afflicted the society, especially in the developed countries, is that of obesity. Hendrick asserts that up to 63.1% of adults in America are suffering from this health anomaly (Hendrick, 2010).

This figure implies that two out of every three American adults are obese. This finding suggests that thousands of Americans are at risk of contracting medical conditions such as diabetes, high-blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and heart attacks. This is primarily the reason why the focus of numerous television advertisements, according to Grannis (2008), has shifted towards alternative weight loss solutions for Americans.

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Some of these solutions have occasionally come under heavy criticism, probably due to competitive reasons, yet, they seem to be viable options for losing that extra weight. This article gives some of these alternative solutions, their pros and cons, and a conclusive argument about each method.

Controlled Breathing

As a common exercise during regular Yoga classes, controlled breathing seems to be the least of the alternatives that can assist a person to lose weight. Nevertheless, latest studies reveal that breathing in a controlled fashion burns excess body fats. How does this occur?

A big portion of body fat constitutes fragments of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. According to WeightLossfor All (2010), addition of oxygen to the body through inhalation will inevitably break down the fatty compound into water molecules and carbon dioxide and secreted through urination and exhalation respectively.

For a normal human being, taking deep breaths that lasts five seconds in the inhalation process, then exhaling through the mouth, is a sure way of achieving this goal. The same article advises that one should exercise this procedure at least eight times every minute to burn the fat in the body.

Asthanga is a Yoga related treatment that uses this breathing technique (Carter, 2010). Scientists have made discoveries that suggest that this hypnosis method converts fats conceived through stress, thyroid issues and poor eating habits into body waste. For athletes, using the same method to relax after vigorous activity also helps in burning extra fats in the body.

There are certain advantages that are associated with controlled breathing methods. The most outstanding advantage in using this method of losing weight is how cheap it would possibly be. According to the mentioned sources, the person engaging in this alternative method will only have to subject himself to controlled breathing. Nevertheless, Carter also points out that there is some information from Yoga experts that one needs to be aware of while practicing these techniques in order to have the desired effects.

Other advantages mentioned by Carter include the holistic cleansing of certain systems of one’s body. While performing this procedure, she claims that the colon as well as the digestive system receives purification. Large amounts of oxygen in the body works well in detoxifying the internal organs in one’s body. Another system that receives cleansing is the respiratory system, whereby eradication of toxic substances that sublime along the lungs takes place.

One of the disadvantages of using this method as an alternative weight loss method is that it is slow. It will take a lot of time for a normal person to lose a significant number of pounds.

In addition, there is a lot of external influence that may hamper this method, including eating habits, day-to-day activities and stresses and strains of life. These factors have to play to the person’s advantage in order for controlled breathing methods to take effect entirely (iloveindia.com, 2010).

Another disadvantage is the fact that it can play as a muscle builder, rather than a relaxation procedure for athletes. This is not particularly a disadvantage for all athletes, but some sports require minimum muscles in certain body parts. Continuous controlled breathing, according to WeightlossForAll increases the rates at which the heart pumps blood to the body. This may be hazardous to people with weaker cardiovascular mechanisms.

Overall, controlled breathing seems to be quite a working method of losing weight. Though it may require constant practice and patience, the advantages of doing this along other weight reduction methods do bring the desired results.

The use of Lipozene

There are certain pills called Lipozenes that may assist in loss of weight in a quicker way than the methods mentioned earlier. Lipozene is made from konjac, a plant with tough fibers. It has the ability to make the user feel full by slowing down the food digestion process (Monson & Schoenstadt, 2009).

Nevertheless, Monson in his review asserts that there is a need for much research to determine the degree of its effect in reduction of weight loss in a normal human being. Primary suggestions show that Lipozene contains a certain ingredient, glucomannan, which has an effect on the fatty tissue of the human body.

According to Grannis, there are suggestions that seem to validate the above theory by stating that glucomannan has the ability to reduce the sugar level of the user (2008). In addition, the article mentions that it also lowers cholesterol and fat qualtities in the body.

On face value, the drug seems to give quite an innovative way to coerce the human being into reducing fats in the body. The direct advantage of using Lipozene is that the pill itself is a supplement. This means that the drug contains all the advantages that supplements have, that is, it is a fiber. As stated earlier, fibers assists in the digestive system of the body by cleaning it up.

The other advantage is that fiber in the digestive system reduces the amount of food that one consumes. Hawarth, a specialist in nutrition as mentioned in Askville (2008) asserts that 14 grams of fiber each day in the diet can reduce the amount of real food that the person would otherwise consume by 4 pounds. This significant reduction in the end gives us our second advantage; controlled eating habits.

Finally, the chemical within this ingredient has some medicinal value. Glucomannan, as stated earlier does not only reduce a person’s weight, but also assists the body through reduction of blood sugar and cholesterol (Kennedy, 2010). The balancing of these two factors in one’s body is necessary, and since overweight people suffer from these imbalances, this chemical content might be of value in their recovery.

Natural ways

Natural ways of losing weight are the steadiest and most consistent ways of according to some health experts. The body itself can burn the fat that an overweight individual has in their body; it only takes healthy and permanent changes in how one perceives food. Instead of removing unhealthy foods from ones diet abruptly, one can begin by adding healthier foods to their diet. This will ensure that they are full and will have less space in their stomach for the unhealthy foods.

Increasing ones protein intake helps them to feel full for longer periods because they increase the amount of time it takes the food to reach the stomach (Nicks, 2010); vegetables and fruits also provide vitamins and phytonutrients that make one full. Eating healthy boosts one’s energy leading them to start exercising, this helps in naturally burning accumulated fats as well as boosting more energy. New research has shown that exercises release a hormone that suppresses ones appetite naturally.

Physical activity lowers the risk of high-blood pressure, heart disease and heart attacks, and, at the same time, lowering the cholesterol levels in the body, which lead to clogged arteries (Mayo, 2010). One down side to going to the gym or jogging to lose weight is that it can lead to many injuries incase one is using the equipment in the wrong way or if they strain themselves too much. In addition, incase ones schedule becomes too busy and stop the exercise that they had begun, it will lead to one gaining weight all again.


The word aromatherapy seems as if it has nothing to do with weight loss. On the contrary, Aromatherapy motivates one to diet or even go for exercise. Smell therapy also stimulates some feelings as well as memories (Ehrlich, 2009). For example, the use of grapefruit oil is a common exercise motivator for people who want to keep fit.

On the down low, aromatherapy is an extremely expensive form of healing that requires a lot of equipment, a lot of knowledge in chemistry and it consumes a lot of time. The aroma of some foods motivates people to eat, as is the case where one enters a restaurant and orders something because it smells appetizing. This can lead to overeating and thus a person ends up adding more weight.


The Chinese have used this approach as a form of therapy for many centuries. The most experienced acupuncturist studies how energy flows in the body and how it impedes or controls digestion. It has been proven that metabolism impediments can be unblocked if needles are applied in the specific body regions (Helmz, 2006).

This procedure also helps the body in controlling a raging appetite as well as keeping the individual on track in their goal for weight loss.

Acupuncture though being low-risk can have some dangers associated to it. Failure to sterilize the needles can cause disease transmission having in mind that the transmission of Hepatitis B and C is possible even when using sterilized needles. Placing the needles carelessly can cause damage to the brain, lungs and other organs incase deep needling is done in these areas.

On a less serious note, some people have complained of headaches, fatigue, and nausea or even in other cases, a worsening of the symptoms after acupuncture.

Drinking water

The kidneys need a lot of water to be able to clean up the blood (Donald, 2010). If there is not enough water, the liver performs both of these roles, a function that will lead to it lowering productivity reduction, which is converting fats to energy. The above inefficiency leads to the body storing up fats and leads to weight gain.

Some experts say that drinking cold water enhances burning of fat, which eventually leads to weight loss and in addition, drinking a lot of water leads to a loss of appetite, which is a step in the right direction for anyone who wants to look lean and healthy.

Giving the body a lot of water makes it to eliminate the water that it had stored in places like the ankles, thighs or even around the belly in order to create a balance. This can be a disadvantage because if one goes through a long period without water, the body will have no reserve to depend on.

Detox and Raw Diets

Detox diets are those diets that get rid of impurities in the body, the body’s inability to remove these toxins leads to illness. Toxins are poisonous substances that interfere with the bodies normal functions (Wong, 2010). Raw diets are meals that are made up of uncooked foodstuff. These diets lead to fast and natural weight loss that improves people’s health at the same time boosting their energy.

Though they have many advantages, these types of weight loss alternatives require total commitment; detox diets usually lead to cases of low immunity and nutrient deficiency; some foods gain nutritional value after being cooked. Some people’s digestive systems cannot handle raw foods because of the nature of the foods despite having all the enzymes they require.

Colon cleansing

The colon is a vital part in the digestive system, but if toxins clog it with wastes and fecal material, it does not work effectively because the body gets tired quickly and lacks the energy to burn the fat.

When a colon is cleansed the necessary nutrients and vitamins can be absorbed more easily and incase one is on a diet, they can follow it without difficulty. This practice supplies a person with additional energy, reduces the weight and enhances metabolism.

Colon cleansing is specific to an individual. One can lose a lot of weight from a colon cleanse diet while another may not. Some factors that lead to this disparity include eating habits, metabolism, and exercise routines.

Some colon cleanse diets like the lemon juice stipulates that no solid foods are allowed for a period of ten days, during this time, one has to take a salt-water flush while during the afternoon they take laxative tea each morning. These diet requirements are quite a challenge and force many people to quit a few days after they have started the weight loss program.

Bariatric Surgery

This surgery places a physical obstacle to the calories that one can take over a period. Some procedures act as early signs of fullness while others act as a barrier. This leads to an individual eating less food and then their body turns to the excess fat that it has stored as an immediate source of energy.

The common types of this surgery are gastric bypass, gastric banding and gastroplasty. Many patients have successfully gone through these procedures making it a remarkably safe and effective weight loss method. However, like every other surgery, it can get complex and has its own risks.


There are very many ways of losing weight, whereby each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is in the hands of whoever is losing the weight to choose the method that is most suitable and convenient for them. Someone ought to be extremely careful in choosing which method to employ, giving preference to those that have the least risks as compared to their effectiveness.


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