Weight Loss

Unlike in the past, many people the world over have become conscious of their body weight and now they are going to great extents to keep healthy and keep off the extra calories.

This is perhaps in the last couple of years; many people have been dying as a result of what has come to be known as lifestyle diseases. These are diseases that come about due to the lifestyle that one is leading. Failure to have a balanced diet and lack of proper exercise has been cited as the greatest danger for today’s person.

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Most people are however not sure on the best way to go about the whole procedure without starving themselves or interfering with their health. This discussion focuses on the best ways of ensuring that you have the proper body weight and that even after shedding off the extra weight, you are able to maintain a thorough intake of the right kind of food.

Tips to Remember


The first thing to note when losing weight is that it is a process which is supposed to happen gradually; you therefore lose the extra calories with time and not drastic. It is also important to remember that weight gain is brought about by intake of heavy amounts of protein rich foods.

Usually, when we eat food, the body absorbs only what is required to provide energy, the rest is either removed from the body through waste products or stored as fat. Therefore, always eat enough; not too much and not too little.

It is also important to always ensure that the kind of diet you eat is balanced. A lot of weight gain that many people experience is as a result of eating one kind of food more and not maintaining a balanced diet. Carbohydrates and other foods that are rich in sugar and fats should be taken in small portions and must be equal to the rest of the portions so as to maintain a balanced diet.


It is of great importance that any person intending to lose weight embarks on exercising, as this is the other way that one gets to lose some of the weight in the body.

When exercising, it is important to note that you are expected to maintain a well balanced diet. When exercising, pretty much energy is used, and thus there is a tendency for one to increase the intake of food.

However, for effective weight loss, one needs to maintain the same kind of diet which is well balanced.

Exercising takes various forms; one can enrol in a gymnasium where one will be guided by an instructor on the various ways to go about weight loss. Other than the gym, one can engage in sporting activities like running, cycling, swimming or even walking. All these activities help reduce greatly the amount of unwanted calories in your body.

When choosing a sporting activity, go for an activity that you are likely to enjoy; this is because weight loss is a process and if you go for an activity that you do not derive fun from, then you are likely to give up halfway.

Reduction of Calorie Intake

It may be somewhat frustrating for someone looking forward to lose weight while at the same time maintaining a high intake of calories even after the process of weight loss has begun (Amen 77). This clearly entails that one needs to reduce gradually the amount of calories they take.

This is done by looking for alternative foods that do not contain many calories. For instance in place of fizzy drinks which have high concentration of sugars which have calories, one may take water (Thomson Medical Company 77). Milk that is unprocessed can be replaced with one that has been skimmed. In place of sugar in your tea, you may use honey whose sugars are natural.

The Actual Work

Making a decision on weight loss is easy but the actual process of weight loss is easier said than done. In order to achieve good results, one must be disciplined and well organised. The first step therefore is to come up with a plan of how you intend to exercise.

Give yourself targets, for instance you may write in your plan that for the first week, you will only have one bar of chocolate and not five as is usually the case or just two bottles of beer and not more than that. Ensure that you strictly stick to the plan (Levine and Linda 87).

Weight loss is process, and any process takes time before tangible results can be seen. Therefore, be patient with yourself because you might not notice any changes with your body after a week, but you will surely do if you keep up with the plan.

Why Lose Weight

Other than having a perfect body and a healthy one, weight loss is also important as it helps protect one from diseases like coronary diseases. Ailments like heart attack come as a result of excessive fat around the heart preventing proper blood circulation in the body. Good health is in our hands and we have the power to live a good and productive life if we want to.

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