Welcome about 27.86 million people waiting for you

Welcome to the state where everything is big . Did you guess the state . Correct it’s Texas! Texas is located in gulf coastal plains, interior lowlands, great plains, and basin and range province. Four states border texas Louisiana to the east, Arkansas to the northeast, Oklahoma to the north, New Mexico to its west . The Great Plains, which lie to the east of the base of the Rocky Mountains, extend into northwestern Texas . There are about 27.86 million people waiting for you to visit . You should definitely visit texas for the crazy delicious food and fun tourist attractions . Tourist love to try new foods , and if you come to Texas you must try the mouth watering chilli . It’s made by beef , onions , tomatoes , garlic , and obviously chili . You can eat it anytime for, it is every simple to make  . You can eat it with your family or on the go .Chili is popular in Texas because it was told that chili peppers where grown there. Chili is very spicy , but very tasty.  Tourist will love the spicy Texan Chili . Round Rock Gardens Fourth of July Weekend Tomato and Salsa Fest is a place to be! If you happen to be here on fourth of July you must take part in this festival . You will see everyone wearing red ! Aroma’s of delicious foods will greet you . Music that will get you dancing and having fun ! You get to taste yummy salsa and judge the salsa . Talking about salsa you get to learn how to dance the salsa . You can eat yummy food from the local food trucks . You will be able to see beautiful flowers and plants . Travelers love to go places where they can SeaWorld San Antonio recently introduced a new sea lion show called “Clyde and Seamore Sea Lion High.” Sea lions perform tricks and interact with the audience . You should also visit the fun sealions . You can even visit them when they are being feeded and you can also feed them a fish for a dollar . You can take pictures with the sesame street character and have fun with them. You can also eat with the orca which is a killer whale , you can eat while the trainers exercise the orca . There may be flamingos, penguins, orcas and sea lions you can see . You should visit SeaWorld San Antoinio I promise it will be fun . Visiting Texas is a trip you won’t regret ! With all the food and festivals and amazing place to go it will be fun alone or with a family . With so much to do and eat you will be satisfied that you went to Texas .  Texas where everything is big ,awaits you with delight and pleasure.


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