What did censorship begins but I can tell

     What is Political
censorship? Censorship is an already well-known term in the world, the majority
will think that censorship is mainly use on movies or TVs to blur out or cut
inappropriate content such as excessive violent or vulgarity. But political
censorship is the idea to control or regulate the information and content to
books, art, and speech so that they will meet a certain political agenda.
Political censorship begins by using violence, intimidation, destruction and
death to all who challenge their ide or ideology.


Since a long time ago, censorship have taken a huge part in the making
of our history and a dark one it is. I do not know when did censorship begins
but I can tell you the oldest one I know. Galileo Galilei, he was an Italian polymath.
He combines philosophy with science. It is when the time that he spread the
word that the sun is the center of our solar system and not the Earth that
censorship begins. The one that use it is the church. Yes, the church. They can
not believe this to be true and they do not want knowledge such as this that
rivals or challenge their belief to be spread around. They capture him and put
him to prison and force him to tell that his research was a lie. Many beliefs
that there have been many scientists that have been captured by the church but
that is still unknown.

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Many years in the future, political censorship have been named as
fascism.  Fascism is mainly brought into
popularity by Nazi Germany in WW2. During that time, Nazis have begun their
march into war. Not only physically but mentally. They have created a ginormous
propaganda through out the invaded nation. They have stolen arts, burned books,
torture and capture who are against them. This is control censorship, the
control of “EVERYTHING” so that they will do what we say, eat what we told you
to eat, read what we told you to read. This is the way it has been to
abolishing freedom. By using this tactic, many people from Poland and France
have suffer on their propaganda.


After the fall of the 3rd Reich or Germany after ww2. We know
look at the Soviet Union and its ideology of communism. This is also one of the
worst ideology that have been created and implemented. It uses censorship to
ban anything or anyone from speaking against the government. This
implementation of censorship has led the death of roughly 30 million people
until the Soviet Union fell apart with the death of Stalin.


This ideology was also used in China. China creates a socialist
communism, a modification of the communism ideology. But in the end, it is
still the same. The government control everything, freedom is a crime. This era
which is lead by Mao Zedong have killed around 40+ million people in 4 years
and a death toll of around 70+ million in the end. In the future China still
uses the Communist system but not as aggressive as Mao did. The most famous
scene was in Tiananmen square in 1989, where the Chinese military have
oppressed the peaceful demonstration by students against the government. The
scene was that an unidentified man that stood in front of tanks to stop them
into marching forward. The ware bouts of that man were unknown after the
incident. Many beliefs that he was killed after the incident. This shows that
they will kill al those who challenge their way of thinking.



There is  a book that was
originally published in 1949 called 1984, by George Orwell. In his book, he
tells us his vision of a dystopian future where everything is controlled. It is
all one big censorship. History have been rewritten so that it will aligned
with the government and anyone who talk or even think against the government
(Big Brother in the book) will be captured, jailed, tortured and will
disappear. Their records will be destroyed as if he didn’t exist. By doing so the
government have make it that no one have ever challenge the government because
they are right and will always be right. “Every record has been destroyed or
falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue
and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the
process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped.
Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” – George Orwell, 1984


     To this
day, that book is still published and frighteningly it is also prediction of
the future. As we live in now, many voices have been made not the be herd and
many have suffered for voicing their freedom of speech. “Sure,
We’ll Have Fascism in This Country, and We’ll Call It Anti-Fascism” – Winston Churchill. In the U.S., Antifa, the so called anti fascist group that says that they
are anti fascist but they have used violence to stop free speech. They will
fight those who disagree against them. This incident has even cause death such
as the Charlottesville incident. Companies have also join in. They have spread
out censorship by making sure that no one will look or watch the content that
is not acceptable to their left leaning ideology. Those who oppose it will have
it toll. The media have also been controlling what the people should think,
giving us propaganda and never question or give any platform to the opposing
side and they can even ruin the life of many individuals. That is the world we
live in now, a controlled political censorship. While many have woken up from
this nightmare and fight, there are many who are still asleep and brainwashed.
The need of freedom is the basic human right of every human being. Because
without freedom we are just robots, we are not in control, we do not have our
own will, we have lost our own soul that which makes us human it self.


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