What Mississippi means to me

Mississippi, a state in the southern United States, was named after the Mississippi River which flows along one of its boundaries[1].

It is a heavily forested area and it is one of the states where farming is among the primary state resources. Characterized by one of the lowest alcoholism and criminal activities prevalence rates in the country Mississippi to me is an indication that high moral levels can easily be maintained at state level as long as the law enforcement authorities and the citizens are well committed this achievement at a personal level.

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However, even with all these strengths Mississippi’s development has dragged behind other states owing to challenges brought about by high school dropout rates, a weak maternal healthcare system, high levels of lifestyle diseases such as obesity (which in turn leads to high death rates by cardiovascular diseases) and a high incidence of poverty[2]. This is in contrast to the days when cotton farming was at its greatest and Mississippi was among the top five wealthiest states in the United States[3].

However, challenges and difficulties are meant to be overcome and therefore the Mississippi hardships are to me indications of roadblocks on the way to triumph. The way that Mississippi fell from grace to grass is the same way that through the collective individuals of citizens in the state it can rise to reclaim its spot among the country’s economic giants.

From history, the Mississippi area was ruled by individuals of Spanish, British and French descent and it was these variations in the origins of the authorities that encouraged the growth of the state into a multicultural region with each and every individual enjoying all the human and civil rights[4].

Even at the time when racism was at its peak in the rest of the United States, persons of color in Mississippi were enjoying substantial freedom. Drawing from this fact Mississippi, to me, is an indication of radicalism and the development of fundamental changes in the societal framework.

Mississippi is one of the states that have made great contributions to American music with various genres including country, jazz, blues and rock and roll all either having been created or finding public relevance amongst the region’s audiences[5].

It is after the aforementioned genres of music found public acceptance in Mississippi that they began spreading to other states in the United States and the rest of the world. Elvis Presley, one of the greatest music icons of all times thanks to his contribution to the growth of rock and roll originally came from Tupelo in Mississippi.

Aside from music, the state also has a significant presence in the rest of the arts with the United States International Ballet Competition having been incepted in Jackson, Mississippi state capital[6]. It is therefore only appropriate for me to accept that Mississippi to me means innovation and global entertainment.

Mississippi is fundamentally a Christian domain. However, other religions including Islam, Judaism have some slight presence in the region[7]. Each individual has the freedom to choose his/her religion and this in essence means the Mississippi is one of the states that symbolize citizen harmony occasioned by the respect of the freedom of worship.

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