What qualities does Henry embody that would serve a modern-day president?


The Henry V movie concept is set in the early fifteenth century. It takes place after the death of King Henry IV, the young King Henry V is the next heir to the throne. Therefore, in order to gain both court and public respect and acceptance, Henry is forced to leave his youthful past, in which he associated himself with drunkards and criminals at the boar’s head inn situated at the seamy parts of London.

Basing on some technical interpretation of the ancient law concerning land, King Henry V claims some portions of France. Dauphin, the youthful prince of France sends Henry an offensive message in reaction to his claims; this compels Henry V to continue with his plans of conquering some portions of France. Therefore, with the backing of his country’s clergy and noblemen, King Henry V assembles his troops for the invasion of France.

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However, some severe civil wars over the years had left the people in England even more restless and discontented with more such imminent wars. Through some cunning expertise, King Henry later on discovers a conspiracy plot, which is meant to end his life, before he headed to France for the war with his fleet.

He then finds out that Scrope, his former friend is among the conspirators employed by the French and therefore orders for their immediate execution. It is arguably evident from the movie that King Henry V demonstrated qualities that are essential for an effective modern day president. This paper discusses the qualities of Henry in the King Henry V movie that will suit a present day president.

King Henry V and his convoy, which had army officers from all corners of Britain such as Captain Fluellen who was of Welsh origin, and many others headed for France against numerous odds but manages to conquer towns as they fight their way across the French countryside.

However, as they advanced, some members in his troop such as Bardolph and Nim are detained for looting and this compels Henry to call for their hanging. Despite such disciplinary issues, King Henry also conquers the French town of Harfleur and goes on to give a heartfelt historical speech that was intended to motivate his troops for further victories.

The battle of Agincourt becomes the climax in the movie as King Henry and his soldiers are outnumbered by their French opponents. Despite this disheartening fact, King Henry goes around the camp in disguise as a fellow soldier to talk and comprehend on his army’s thoughts over their general mission the night before the great battle.

King Henry is in an awkward position since he is unsure of his ubiquitous liabilities as a King. The morning after his subterfuge episode into his army’s camp, he seeks divine help by praying to God and then giving a stirring speech to his army. Amazingly, King Henry and his soldiers win the great battle and triumphs over their proud French opponents who eventually surrendered to the English.

Later on in the movie, the English works out a peace negotiation with the French and King Henry marries Catherine, who was the daughter to the King of France and the resulting marriage would unite both the British and French Kingdoms. King Henry’s son was the next heir to the French throne. Even though he defeated the French, he allowed Charles, the King of France, to hold onto his throne.

According to the movie, King Henry V decides to put away his wild youthful past in order to become a legitimate and an effective leader. Such leadership qualities are quite desirable in the contemporary political scene, as they serve well a modern-day president. First, King Henry’s resolution to change his youthful behaviors for the purpose of his new role tells us of his visionary attitude for the country he was going to serve, as it was bigger than his personal happiness and satisfactions, and this would largely shape a contemporary president.

A presidential figure should not let his past interfere with his work, whereby he only serves a few friends and individuals due to their previous relationship and should instead have a visionary map of serving the whole country by also bypassing party lines and affiliations.

It also enhances democracy because of the principle of public equality. In addition, King Henry’s leniency towards a solitary union of respect and brotherliness without any form of national prejudice is a significant leadership quality that is needed for a modern day president.

Henry established peace with his French opponents and was not consumed by power to hold it out against them. A lenient president would also try to foster peace with their enemies especially in the current political scenarios. An effective president should not hold onto experiences as a basis for longtime enmity because as demonstrated by King Henry V after his battle and triumph over the French, we should cement our union by not being repressive but by looking for any peaceful means.

In addition, King Henry is relentless in pursuing his ambitions, well focused, fearless, committed, and his brilliancy illuminated his oratory skills, which he uses to put forth his claims while also motivating his own troops. These leadership qualities serve a modern-day president, as they are relentless in pursuing the people’s dreams and expectations.

Additionally, when the country goes through a period of hopelessness towards achieving these targeted expectations, a president’s oratory skills would best serve in motivating and uniting the country at large in order to realize these expectations while renouncing the things that divide us. Occasionally, a leader may experience uncertainty over their progress stature as shown by King Henry before the main battle of Agincourt.

It is always comforting for the people to know that their commander still has both hands on the daunting situation and this eventually instills hope for a winning mentality that would enforce the zeal to be persistent in achieving a common objective without being strenuous. In general, King Henry’s oratory skills were a double-edged sword with nearly as much force and strength as that used by his soldiers.

His words would inspire or even stir up his supporters while intimidating his adversaries and influencing nearly all those who listened to him and this is reflected by his wintry and menacing rhetoric while addressing Prince Dauphin’s messenger, and during his inspiring speech at St. Crispin. In other words, the modern-day president should not rush into war in a deadlock situation before being explicitly frank with their motives.

In conclusion, Henry portrayed the leadership qualities that would fit a modern day president. The most outstanding leadership qualities possessed by King Henry was his resolved set of mind in accomplishing whatever goal he had his eyes and mind focused. He would use any kind of resource, which was readily available to see to it that his objectives were eventually accomplished.

He was an inexorable force that had to be carefully contended with by others who must opt on how to act energetically in response to his actions that were ethically questionable at times. Although his conducts may seem quite horrendous to the populace, King Henry was an exemplary leader who took a serious mantle over his Kingship since he elevated his responsibilities above personal gains and that is why the film portrays him both as a protagonist and as a hero, despite the mitigated effects of his personal pronouncements.

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